William Harn

Dean of Graduate Studies
Professor, Speech and Hearing Sciences
Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, CCC-SLP
Phone: 409-880-8229
Email: william.harn@lamar.edu 


Ph. D., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale


Psycholinguistics; Neurogenic Disorders in Children and Adults


Aphasia; Research Methods; Phonetics; Communication Intervention with Individuals with Severe Disabilities


Analysis of conversational competence in clinical populations.

Recent Publications

  • Bellon-Harn, M. & Harn, W. (2006). Analysis of social communication in middle school children with Asperger syndrome: Two case studies. Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 22, 1-26.
  • Bellon-Harn, M., Hoffman, P., & Harn, W. (2004). Use of cloze and contrast word procedures on in repeated storybook reading: targeting multiple domains. Journal of Communication Disorders, 37, 53-75.
  • Bellon-Harn, M. & Harn, W. (manuscript in submission). Fluency and rate of speech in adults with HIV/AIDS. Journal of Communication Disorders.
  • Bellon-Harn, M. & Harn, W. (manuscript in submission). Targeting prosody in a child with high-functioning autism during an interactive approach to therapy. Child Language Teaching and Therapy.
  • Bellon-Harn, M. & Harn, W. (manuscript in submission). Scaffolding strategies during repeated storybook reading: An extension using a voice output communication device. Focus on Autism and other Developmental Disorders.