Monica Harn

Diane H. Shaver Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences
Department Chair

Office: Speech and Hearing Building, Room 120-J


  • Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1995

Board Certification/Licensure

  • American Speech-Language Hearing Association
  • Licensure Number 100538 - State Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology


  • Language-Based Learning Disabilities in School-Age Children (graduate)
  • Articulation and Phonological Disorders (graduate)
  • Language and Phonological Disorders in Children (undergraduate)
  • Clinical Processes (undergraduate)

Research Interests

  • Consumer Health Informatics
  • Digital technologies for evidence-based practice
  • Service delivery methods (online and offline technologies)

Recent Grant

  • Bellon-Harn, M., Andrei, S., Manchari, V., Dockens, A., & Azios, J. (2016-2019). Lamar University President’s Visionary Initiative (funded for $300,000). Development of Center for Digital Applications in Health and Disability.

Recent Publications

Bellon-Harn, M., Morris, L., Harn, W., & Manchaiah, V. (in press). Scoping review of digital parent training programs. Journal of Child and Family Studies.

*Azios, M., Irani, F., Bellon-Harn, M., Schwartz, E., & Benson, A. The utility of cinematherapy in stuttering intervention: An exploratory study. (in press). Seminars in Speech and Language.

*Bellon-Harn, M., Manchaiah, V., & Sashikanth, S. (in press). A Content Analysis of YouTube Videos Related to children with speech and language disorders. Journal of Consumer Health Information.

*Bellon-Harn, M., Ulep, A., Manchaiah, V., & Dueppen, A. (online version). Voice Online: A cross-sectional study of the portrayal of voice disorders in YouTube videos. Perspectives.

*Bellon-Harn, M., Manchaiah, V., & Kunda, K. (online version). Quality, readability and suitability of English-language Internet information about children with speech and language disorders. Digital Health Journal.

Manchaiah, V., Kelly-Campbell, R., Bellon-Harn, M., & Buekes, E. (online version). Quality, readability and suitability of hearing health related materials: A descriptive review. American Journal of Audiology.

Bellon-Harn, Ni, J., & Manchaiah, V. (online version). Twitter usage about Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism.

*Manchaiah, V., Bellon-Harn, M., Godina, I., & Beukes, E. (online version). Portrayal of hearing loss in YouTube videos: An exploratory cross-sectional analysis. American Journal of Audiology.

Ni, J, Bellon-Harn, M., Zhang, J., Li, Y., & Manchaiah, V. (online version). Twitter usage using common reference to tinnitus. American Journal of Audiology.

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Azios, J. H., & Bellon-Harn, M. (2020). “Providing a perspective that’s a little bit different”: Academic and professional experiences of male speech-language pathologists. International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 1-12.

Bellon-Harn, M., Manchaiah, V., & Morris, L. (2020). Autism Online: A cross-sectional study of the portrayal of Autism Spectrum Disorders in YouTube videos. Autism, 24(1), 263-268.