Kodály Institute

Kodály Institute of Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas at Lamar University

June 10 - June 29, 2018

Endorsed by the Organization of American Kodály Educators.

The Kodály Institute of Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas provides an in-depth study of the Kodály Approach to music education pioneered by Hungarian pedagogue Zoltán Kodály. This summer, we are offering Levels I and III, with attention to concept sequencing and lesson planning for kindergarten and first grade music classrooms (Level I) and for fourth and fifth grade music classooms (Level III).  If you have completed Levels I and II at another program and would like to finish Level III here, please contact the program director.

Comprehensive musicianship through sight-singing, ear training, keyboard, and written skills in the pentatonic scale system will be developed. The program will also include collecting and analyzing song materials, conducting, choral ensemble, and special topics.

Participants will receive further information regarding book lists, housing, and other details upon registration.

May be taken for CPE credit as in-service training sponsored by Texas Education Agency. May be taken for 6 hours of graduate or undergraduate credit.

Program Tuition

Participants may attend the Kodály Institute through the Organization of American Kodály Educators certification program (tuition is $1300) or by taking a class for graduate or undergraduate credit through Lamar University. Undergraduate students within 12 hours of graduation may enroll for graduate credit.

TEA Continuing Professional Education Credit: Available for no additional fee.

Housing: On-campus housing is available for ~$60/night. Please contact program director for further information.

1) A limited number of full scholarships - covering certification expenses but not covering the $150 deposit - are available to active music educators in the Golden Triangle region of SETX. To be eligible you must be at least a part time K-12 music teacher in a public or private school in the area. These scholarships have been made possible by a generous grant from the EDAREN Foundation in support of music education in the Golden Triangle region. For more information and an application form, please contact Bryan Proksch at bproksch@lamar.edu.

2) If you are an alumnus or student of McNeese State University, scholarship assistance for a portion or the entirety of program fee (excepting the $150 deposit) is available. For further information contact Bryan Proksch at bproksch@lamar.edu.

3) All students, regardless of their scholarship status, are strongly encouraged to apply for tuition assistance from the Organization of American Kodaly Educators (OAKE) Their application deadline is Feb. 1. Please visit http://www.oake.org/scholarships-and-grants/ for details. You must be a member of OAKE, but membership is free to undergraduate and graduate students.

4) Students who are currently employed as music educators are strongly encouraged to contact their supervisor to see if professional development funds are available to them. Matching funds from our scholarship pool are available in the event that your school district has such a requirement.

5) Other scholarships are, on occasion, available if you do not meet the above criteria. Please contact bproksch@lamar.edu for more information.

Enrollment Deadline

March 1, 2018



OAKE Certification Program: $1,300

Participants registering for OAKE Certification Program only should register by March 1 by sending the registration form with payment of a $150 non-refundable deposit in order to ensure enrollment in the course. Do not send forms to the music department. The balance of the OAKE Certification Program fee ($1150) is due by June 5.

6 Graduate Credits from Lamar University: $1,300 plus University Registration fee and tuition costs.

Participants who desire graduate course credit must pay the $1,300 fee, plus LU registration and tuition costs. Please submit the $150 Kodály Institute deposit (the remaining balance would then be $1,150) by March 1 and apply through the Be a Cardinal website and complete the Lamar University registration process by May 1. 

PLEASE NOTE: No payments will be accepted by the music department. Please contact program director, Dr. Bryan Proksch, if you have questions or need more information.

Faculty Bios

Ann Eisen

A retired music teacher from Lake Charles, LA., Ann Eisen owns Sneaky Snake Publications. She is coauthor, with Lamar Robertson, of An American Methodology and From Folk Songs to Masterworks, both widely used to teach Kodály educators. She has taught in Kodály Certification courses at universities throughout the US and presented sessions and master classes at local, state, and national OAKE conferences.

Kari Proksch

Kari Proksch teaches music at St. Margaret Catholic School in Lake Charles, LA and is the Artistic Director of Les Petites Voix community chorus for children. She received a Diploma in Music Pedagogy from the Franz Liszt Academy: Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute in Kecskemét, Hungary and has presented workshops on the local, state and national levels.