Le Grand Bal Art Preview


Please Note - This is a preview only and not all of the art items are listed. Please visit the Dishman Art Museum to purchase art prior to Le Grand Bal or to see all of the works.

Seraphin DeFrates - Amelie
Seraphin DeFrates
Oil 20''x16''
Chloe Thompson - Athena
Chloe Thompson
Mixed Media 36''x48''
Corey Adams - Desolation
Corey Adams
Ceramic Clay 11.5''x9''x9"
Olivia Cobb - Detach
Olivia Cobb
Watercolor and Ink 16"x20"
Amy Faggard - Headed To Galveston
Headed To Galveston
Amy Faggard
Oil 11"x14"
Jimmesha Littleton - Living - Cyberspace Series
Living - Cyberspace Series
Jimmesha Littleton
3D Digital Render 24"x18"
Christopher Troutman - Marsh Meets Rice Fields II: Southeast TX and Southern Japan
Marsh Meets Rice Fields II: Southeast TX and Southern Japan
Christopher Troutman
Oil 11"x14"
Sam Keith - Night Attraction
Night Attraction
Sam Keith
Acrylic/Mixed Media 24"x30"
Amy Faggard - November Sunset
November Sunset
Amy Faggard
Oil 6"x6"
Chloe Thompson - Piazza Massimo D'Azeglio
Piazza Massimo D'Azeglio
Chloe Thompson
Pen and Ink 9"x12"
Wanda Caro - Rockport Bait Shop III
Rockport Bait Shop III
Wanda Caro
Oil 14"x11"
Linnis Blanton - Round Pot with Cracks
Round Pot with Cracks
Linnis Blanton
Ceramics 11"x6"
Summer "Adrien" Connor - Solstice
Summer "Adrien" Connor
Ceramic, Acrylic 10"x14"x6"
Logan Comeaux - Zip
Logan Comeaux
Acrylic 4'x5'