Beverly Buchanan

Office: Communication Building, Room 109-F

VideoPhone: 409-299-3460



  • Ed.D, Deaf Studies Deaf Education, Lamar University (in progress)
  • M.A., Sign Language Education, Gallaudet University
  • M.S., Deaf Education, McDaniel College
  • B.A., Biology, Gallaudet University

Courses Taught

  • DSDE 2371: American Sign Language 3
  • DSDE 4308: Teaching ASL as Second Lang
  • DSDE 4350: Family Comm Support
  • DSDE 1374: Introduction to Deaf Studies
  • DSDE 3322: Research Theory
  • DSDE 1371: American Sign Language 1
  • ASL 1010: American Sign Language 1
  • ASL 1020: American Sign Language 2
  • ASL 2010: American Sign Language 3
  • ASL 3490: Internship in Applied ASL
  • ASL 3590: Deaf Culture
  • FCS 3590: Deaf Culture
  • ASL 9400: Independent Study
  • BIO 105: General Biology Lab
  • GSR 195: First Year Study Tour

Research Interests

  • Language Documentation
  • ASL Proficiency
  • Bilingual Education

Recent Publications

  • Clark, M. D., Greene-Woods, A., Alofi, A., Sides, M., Buchanan, B., Hauschildt, S., Alford, A., Corson, F., & Venable, T. (2021). The Spoken Language Checklist: A User-Friendly Normed Language Acquisition Checklist. The Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 26(2), 251-262.
  • Knight, T., Hauschildt, S., Buchanan, B., Greene, A., & Clark, M. D. (2021). It Requires a Community to Raise a Deaf Adult: A Comparative Study. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 9(3), 77-95.

Recent Presentations

  • Buchanan, B., & Adam, R. (2021, March). Minority Sign Language Shift within Majority Sign Language Communities. Presentation at the XVIII International Conference on Minority Languages Conference, Bilbao, Spain  
  • Buchanan, B., & Adam, R. (2021, June). Minority sign language shift in two countries: Canada (Maritime Sign Language and American Sign Language) and Australia (Australian Irish Sign Language and Auslan) Presentation at 10th International Deaf Academics and Researchers Conference, Montreal, Canada 
  • Pudans, K., Buchanan, B., Pirone, J., Hauschildt, S., & MacGaughlin, H. (2021, July). Assessing the Effectiveness of Can-Do Statements for ASL. Presentation at the ASLTA National Conference, Columbus, Ohio, USA 
  • Adam, R., & Buchanan, B. (2021, August). Minority sign language communities in attrition – where do minority sign languages come from and why do they go into decline? Presentation at the Typology of Small-Scale Multilingualism 2 Conference, Helsinki, Finland
  • Presenter, "Effective Preparation of American Sign Language Teachers". Presentation at American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Convention, Washington, D.C., (November 2019).
  • Presenter, “Implicit Bias and Sign Languages”. Presentation at Diversity University Conference, Colorado Springs, Colorado, (June 2019).
  • Presenter, “Is Sign Language a SuperPower for Deaf People? Exploration of Sign Language and Education of Deaf Children in the USA”. Presentation at the Educating Children of Color Conference, Colorado Springs, Colorado, (January 2019).

Beverly was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. Beverly graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Gallaudet University (1986), a master’s degree in Deaf Education (1994) from McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, and a master’s degree in Sign Language Education (2017) from Gallaudet University. Beverly is currently a full-time doctoral student and an instructor at the Department of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education at Lamar University. Beverly worked as a Volunteer teacher of the Deaf in Thailand from 1995-1998 and had traveled to over 60 countries to promote Deaf Education and Deaf Youth leadership. Beverly also cycled across the USA twice, and around Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Beverly has established Deaf Way Student Scholarship fund at Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf, Big Spring, Texas, and at Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C. Beverly had organized youth leadership development, both nationally and internationally June 2012. Beverly established, Deaf Education without Borders, an international non-profit humanitarian organization focusing on the education of Deaf people worldwide.