Beverly Buchanan

Assistant Professor & Program Director, M.A. in Deaf Studies  
Office: Communication Building, Room 109-F
VideoPhone: 409-299-3460


  • Ed.D, Deaf Studies Deaf Education, Lamar University 
  • M.A., Sign Language Education, Gallaudet University
  • M.S., Deaf Education, McDaniel College
  • B.A., Biology, Gallaudet University



  • American Sign Language Levels 1-6
  • ASL Structure
  • ASL Linguistics 
  • Teaching ASL as Second Language
  • Family Communication Support
  • Introduction to Deaf Studies
  • Introduction to Deaf Education
  • Research Theory
  • Internship in Applied ASL
  • Biology 
  • Thailand: Study Abroad Tour 
  • Costa Rica: First Year Study Tour
  • English as a Foreign Language 


  • Multiculturalism & Deaf Individuals
  • American Sign Language Linguistics
  • Thailand: Study Abroad Tour

Research Interests

  • Endangered Sign Language Documentation
  • Sign Language Assessment 
  • Bilingual Education


  • Alford, A., Bencak, J., Tucker, E., Williams, D., Courson, F., Buchanan, B., Greene, A., & Clark, M. (In Press). Is the Window of Learning Only Cracked Open? Parents’ Perspectives on Virtual Learning for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students. American Annals of the Deaf.
  • Clark, M. D., Greene-Woods, A. N., Alofi, A., Sides, M., Buchanan, B., Hauschildt, S., Alford,A., Courson, F., & Venable, T. (2021). The Spoken Language Checklist: A parent andteacher friendly normed language acquisition checklist. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 26(2), 1-12.
  • Knight, T., Hauschildt, S., Buchanan, B., Greene, A., & Clark, M. D. (2021). It Requires a Community to Raise a Deaf Adult: A Comparative Study. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 9(3), 77-95.
  • Greene-Woods, A., Delgado, N. J., Buchanan, B., Sides, M., Behmanesh, A., Cheslik, B., Koo, K., & Clark, M. (2020). Deaf Cultural Capital and its Conflicts with Hearing Culture: Navigational Successes and Failures. JADARA, 54(1), 15-30. Retrieved from

Invited Talks

  • Buchanan, B. (2023, July). Keynote talk. The 5th Canada Deaf Women Conference, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

  • Buchanan, B. (2023, February). Keynote talk. 3rd Annual conference,  Language Access Coalition of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  • Buchanan, B. (2022, November). Preservation of Maritime Sign Language: An endangered language of Canada. Keynote talk,The 44th Meeting of the Atlantic Provinces Linguistic Association, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


  • Buchanan, B (2023, July). Preserving Endangered Sign Language Using Digital Resources: Maritime Sign Language. 19th world congress for the World Federation of the Deaf. Jeju, Korea.
  • Buchanan, B. (2023, March). Endangered Sign Languages Documentation: A Creation of Maritime Sign Language Digital Dictionary. Language without Borders 2023 Conference, Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Buchanan, B. (2023, February). Maritime Sign Language: An Endangered Language of Canada. The Qualitative Report's 14th Annual Conference, Fort-Lauderdale, Fl.
  • Hwang, Y., Buchanan, B., Clark, M. D., Gentzke, S., Greene, A., & Reynolds, M. (2023, February). Views of Gender within the Field of Deaf Education. Poster presentation at the Association of College Educators - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX.
  • Buchanan, B., Simmons, P.; Cohen, B., & Leffler, B. (2022, November). ASL 1 Assessment: What is out There? Present at American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Convention, Boston, MA.
  • Buchanan, B., & Adam, R. (2022, September). From minority sign language contact to majority sign language transformation. Poster Presentation at TISLR14: 14th International Conference on Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research. Osaka, Japan.
  • Greene, A., Clark, M. D., & Buchanan, B. (2022, July). The future is now: Supporting deaf children’s language development using the Spoken Language Checklist. Presentation at the Statewide Conference on Education of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing.
  • Buchanan, B. (2022, February). Going Abroad: How A teacher Can Create An Intercultural Classroom Experience. Presentation at the Association of College Educators - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Conference, Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Adam, R., & Buchanan, B. (2021, August). Minority sign language communities in attrition – where do minority sign languages come from and why do they go into decline? Presentation at the Typology of Small-Scale Multilingualism 2 Conference, Helsinki, Finland.
  • Pudans, K., Buchanan, B., Pirone, J., Hauschildt, S., & MacGlaughlin, H. (2021, July). Assessing the Effectiveness of Can-Do Statements for ASL. Presentation at the ASLTA National Conference, Columbus, Ohio, USA.
  • Buchanan, B., & Adam, R. (2021, June). Minority sign language shift in two countries: Canada (Maritime Sign Language and American Sign Language) and Australia (Australian Irish Sign Language and Auslan) Presentation at 10th International Deaf Academics and Researchers Conference, Montreal, Canada. 
  • Buchanan, B., & Adam, R. (2021, March). Minority Sign Language Shift within Majority Sign Language Communities. Presentation at the XVIII International Conference on Minority Languages Conference, Bilbao, Spain.
  • Buchanan, B., & Simmons, P. (2020, November) Effective Preparation of American Sign Language Teachers. Presentation at American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Convention, San Antonio, TX. 
  • Buchanan, B. (2020, June). Deaf Culture & The Edict of Milan. Presented at Diversity University Digital Conference, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • Buchanan, B., Greene-Woods, A., Clark, M. D., & Youngs, M. (2020, April). Eyes open, hands up: Strategies to support language acquisition in Deaf children. [Conference session]. NASL-ECE conference, St. Augustine, FL. (Conference cancelled due to COVID-19).
  • Buchanan, B., & Simmons, P. (2019, November) Effective Preparation of American Sign Language Teachers. Presentation at American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Convention, Washington, D.C.
  • Buchanan, B., & Simmons, P. (2019, June) Implicit Bias and Sign Languages. Presentation at Diversity University Conference, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • Buchanan, B., & Simmons, P. (2019, January) Is Sign Language a SuperPower for Deaf People? Exploration of Sign Language and Education of Deaf Children in the USA. Presentation at the Educating Children of Color Conference, Colorado Springs, Colorado.


  • Inspirational Woman Award Program, Office of Diversity, Lamar University, 2022


  • Buchanan, B. (2022). Digital Collection of an Endangered Language of Canada: Maritime Sign Language. ELDP Legacy Materials Grant. $6200. (pending)
  • Buchanan, B., Zhang, J., Li, Y., Makki, K., Clark, M. (2022).Technology for Endangered Sign Language Advancement-Documentation and Preservation. NSF-NEH Grant. $450,000. (pending)
  • Buchanan, B. (2022). Sign Language Research Lab.Lamar University, Higher Education Fund. $16,577. (funded). 
  • Buchanan, B. (2022). From minority sign language contact to majority sign language transformation. TISLR14 Conference. $2,500. CoFAC Grants. (funded)
  • Greene, A., Johnson, B., Buchanan, B., Hauschildt, S., & Barker, A. (2022). Strategies to disseminate proactive COVID-19 vaccinate education to the deaf community. Texas A&M. $93,629. (not funded).