Paul Kingsley Simmons

Paul Simmons

Doctoral Student


  • Beaumont, Texas

Current Employment

  • Graduate Assistant, Department of Deaf Studies Deaf Education, Lamar University


  • M.S. in Deaf Education, McDaniel College
  • M.S. in Administration & Supervision, Gallaudet University
  • B.A. in Deaf Studies, Gallaudet University
  • B.A. in History, Gallaudet University 

Research Interests

  • Sociolinguistics of Sign Languages
  • Deaf History (Western World, United States, and South Africa

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Not yet

Recent Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Not yet

Recent Presentations

  • Simmons, P. & Buchanan, B. (2019, January). Is Sign Language a SuperPower for Deaf People? Exploration of Sign Language and Education of Deaf Children in the USA. Presentation at the Educating Children of Color Conference, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dissertation Focus

  • Sociolingustics of South African Sign Language