Andrea Alford

Andrea Alford

Doctoral Student


  • Cypress, Texas

Current Employment

  • Deaf Education Program Supervisor (Brazos Valley Regional Day School Program for the Deaf) 


  • LU Certification program for Educational Administration, Lamar University
  • M.S. in Deaf Education, Texas Woman's University
  • B.S. in Communication Disorders, Texas Woman's University

Research Interests

  • Early language acquisition and early intervention
  • Deaf education instructional practices
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Deaf ecologies

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Alford, A. D., Bencak, J. M., Tucker, E. A., Williams, D. C., Courson, F. F., Buchanan, B. J., Greene, A. N., & Clark, M. D. (in press). Is the window of learning only cracked open? Parents’ perspectives on virtual learning. American Annals of the Deaf.
  • Clark, M. D., Greene-Woods, A. N., Alofi, A., Sides, M., Buchanan, B., Hauschildt, S., Alford, A., Courson, F., & Venable T. (2020). The Spoken Language Checklist: A User-Friendly Normed Language Acquisition Checklist. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 26(2), 251-262.

Recent Non Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Alford, A., Courson, F., Hill, J., Wimberley, M. B. (2020). A Virtual Visual Pedagogy: 3-D becomes 2-D. ReDEAFfining Academic Collaboration. 1(1), 18-25.

Recent Presentations

  • Edwards, S.E., Courson, F.F., Alford, A.D., & Bencak, J.M. (2022). Online mentoring with preservice teachers of K-12 DHH students using bilingual instructional strategies in literacy. Presented at the ACE-DHH conference. Omaha, NE.
  • Alford, A. (2021, December). Fostering Literacy in Middle and High School Deaf students. Presented at Louisiana School of the Deaf’s Outreach & Early Childhood Family Workshop Series. Online. 
  • Alford, A. (2021, June). Supporting Secondary Students at Home with Literacy. Family Week Retreat Professionals & Students. Statewide Outreach Center, Austin, TX
  • Alford, A. (2019, April).  Literacy Strategies to Support your Child at Home. Improving Communication Parent Night, Katy Independent School District. 
  • Alford, A. (2016, July).  How can the Fresh Water Fish survive in the Ocean? Strategies to build independence in the mainstreamed setting. Texas Association of Parents and Educators of the Deaf Statewide Conference.  

Dissertation Focus

  • Early language acquisition and cognitive development
  • Contemporary Early Intervention practices