Master of Science in Deaf Studies and Deaf Education

How long will it take me to graduate?

The MS program in Deaf Studies and Deaf Education is designed to be completed within 2 years, which includes coursework plus student teaching or thesis.  Graduate Students that are not interested in teacher certification will complete a Thesis


What are other coursework is required for certification?

Texas Education Agency, our certification agency, requires teachers to have a set of five pedagogy courses plus Internship or Clinical teaching. These courses are in addition to the 36 hours of deaf education coursework.


How much cost is incurred for a regular fall or spring semester?

Lamar University Tuition and Fees


On what days and at what times do classes typically meet?

Classes meet on Fridays from 1-5 p.m and 6-1 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The summer sessions begins mid-June and ends mid-August (2 summer sessions). Meeting dates and times vary depending on the courses. Summer classes are Monday through Friday.


Does the Masters in Deaf Studies and Deaf Education program ensure that I will get a license as a teacher for deaf students?

Aside from completing all coursework, students must also pass the required TEXES certification tests.


What are the state tests that I must take to get a Texas Teachers License in Deaf Education?    

Before student teaching or Internship, students are advised required to take the following tests:

  1. Professional Pedagogy and Responsibility Test (PPR)
  2. Deaf and Hard of Hearing (TExES)
  3. Texas Assessment of Sign Communication (TASC)
  4. A content area test (i.e., EC-6, 4-8 math, social studies, science, etc.)

Do you have an online program?

No.  Currently we only offer a hybrid program with 6 to 8 face-to-face meetings on campus during the weekends with online support. However, we are currently expanding our program and online courses are in the development phase.


How do I apply for scholarships/loans?

Office of Student Financial Assistance
Lamar University Scholarships