Film Studies

B.S. in Communication - Film Studies

Film Studies


For hundreds of years, film has been a staple for telling stories. In our bachelor's degree program in communication with an emphasis in film studies, you'll have the opportunity to work with professional equipment so that you can produce films during all four years. Lamar University’s film studies program is the only university-level motion picture program in Southeast Texas which allows students to shoot on motion picture film. 

Our students follow a student-centered, developmentally-oriented learning path as they move from introductory courses in film and digital video production, cinematography and editing, to courses in intermediate and advanced film and digital video production, digital special effects, advanced editing, producing, cinematography for motion picture imaging, advanced audio recording techniques and screenwriting. We also encourage our students to produce films for the Boomtown Film and Music Festival and the Lagniappe Film and Music Festival.




Film Student Projects

Magnolia: A Century of Oil is a documentary that chronicles the early years of the Magnolia Refinery in Beaumont, Texas, that later became Exxon Mobil. It was produced by Cindy Greene and edited by Wyatt Cagle.

This documentary chronicles three periods in Hurricane Rita's impact on Southeast Texas: the storm, the aftermath, and the long period of recovery that continues in the Golden Triangle.

Surviving Rita: Looking Forward features interviews with 16 Southeast Texas community leaders, local and regional officials, meteorologists and emergency workers to find out what was learned from Hurricane Rita and how prepared the region is for another tropical storm.