Integrity at Lamar Poster Project

The academic integrity poster project was a collaborative course project completed by graphic design students in Lamar University's Department of Art during the spring 2014 semester. The project grouped introductory students from the Graphic Design I course led by Professor Kurt Dyrhaug with students from the Advanced Graphic Design course led by Assistant Professor Sherry Saunders. Each group was tasked with creating a series of posters that reflect the themes of valuing scholarship, valuing originality, valuing learning, and valuing yourself. This display showcases the final outcomes of the project.

Group 1

John Nguyen, James Lang, Erika Leggett, Kendall Wilkerson

Group 1 Posters

Group 2

Cori Spencer, Courtney Clark, Stephanie Messina, Alexis Moore

Group 2 Posters

Group 3

Lois Essel, Ben Lane, Amanda Toups, Brian Buckalew

Group 3 Posters

Group 4

Jeslyn Branick, Kailey Fazio, Trae Minaldi, Rey Trevino

Group 4 Posters

Group 5

Jonathan Smith, Kaitlyn Hinch, Jensyn Hanley, GiGi Barker

Group 5 Posters

Group 6

Junior Espinoza, Kimberly Ann Hardy, Anna Bedford, Madison Laurence, Chelsi Miller

Group 6 Posters