Work Study FAQ

What is work study?

We welcome and encourage every department to participate in the work study program. Work study is a need-based program that allows students to work while attending school to help pay for their educatioal expenses. Students must be enrolled for six or more hours to receive work study. Work study is awarded to undergraduate and graduate students. Students must complete a FAFSA first to determine their eligibility.


How many hours can students work?

Students can work up to 20 hours per week.


What is the pay rate for work study?

All work study students are paid $10.00 per hour.

Students are paid Bi-Weekly.


How do I know a student is work study eligible?

Please have students to provide a copy of their work study award statement.* This is helpful before completing an F3.2. If an F3.2 is received and student(s) have not accepted their funds, the F3.2's will be returned back to the hiring department. At the beginnin of each month a statement will be emailed to each department with an estimated balance for each student in your department.


***If a department would like to verify that a student qualifies for work study, please contact our office.


Where are the job postings located?

Work study positions will go through People Admin.


College Work Study Start Dates and End Dates:

Fall 2019 / Spring 2020: 09-01-2019 to 05-12-2020

Fall 2019 Semester: 09-01-2019 to 12-10-2019

Spring 2020 Semester: 01-21-2020 to -05-12-2020

Summer 2020 Semester: 06-01-202 to 08-10-2020***

Summer I Only: 6/1/20 to 7/6/20

Sumer II Only: 7/6/20 to 8/10/20


NOTE: If a student is returning to work befoe the first day of Spring classes, they must be enrolled for six or more hours before resuming work.

***Summer students must be enrolled for 6 or more hours to receive work study during the summer.