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For information about tuition exemptions for Texas residents and waivers of tuition and/or fees for non Texas residents, please visit www.collegeforalltexans.com.  Unless specifically otherwise stated, students receiving any exemption/waiver must meet all standard requirements for eligibility including Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards and may not be in default on a student loan. 

You mail, email, or fax exemption/waiver documents to the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid.

Mail: P.O. BOX 10042, Beaumont, TX 77710
Fax: 409-880-8934
Email: financialaid@lamar.edu

Peace Officer Exemption

Please email questions about the Peace Officer Exemption to financialaid@lamar.edu.

  • Exemption for Peace Officers Enrolled in Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice Courses covers tuition and lab fees for eligible courses. Courses not directly related to law enforcement or criminal justice are not eligible for reimbursement though they may be required for degree completion. Proof of employment as a paid police officer must be provided to the Office of Student Financial Aid. Additional information is available at www.collegeforalltexans.com.

Veterans Benefits Program

  • The Veterans Affairs office at Lamar University is separate from the Financial Aid Office and we encourage students with questions about VA to contact the VA office directly. The Veterans Affairs Office is maintained is Room 101 of the Wimberly Building to aid veterans in obtaining their educational benefits. More information including benefit programs and contact information can be found at https://www.lamar.edu/veterans-affairs/ .

Certifications of Cost of Attendance

Sometimes, certain programs or scholarships will require that your attendance and budget be certified by the school. An example of some of these programs may be AmeriCorps funds or the Gates Millenium Scholarship funds. We will not certify your cost of attendance or resources until after the 12th day of class (commonly known as the date of record). This is for your benefit--so that there are no adjustments that have to be made while your enrollment could change. Adjustments could leave you with a balance and the best way to avoid this is to certify AFTER the date of record. Cost of attendance figures for scholarships are based on a the standard Cost of Attendance financial aid budgets administered to all students. We do not offer custom budgets based on actual costs incurred as our budgets are generous and ample to support the needs of our students. If we are submitting the budget on your behalf, we reserve the right to verify the accuracy of your budget plan. The plans are based on housing in the dorms, with parents, or off-campus. If you are in the dorms, will can verify based on your University bill. If off-campus, you must provide the lease agreement to your independent housing. Lastly, if with parents, a signed statement from the parent that you live with will suffice. We will gladly complete and forward to any agency that you authorize the details of your aid package so that you may receive funding. If you have any questions, please see our office.