Attendance Initiative


Regular class attendance/participation is important to the attainment of educational objectives. In addition, eligibility for federal financial aid awards is dependent on a student’s attendance in class. Beginning in Fall 2019, verification of attendance in all LU courses, both online and on campus, will be accomplished through the use of an attendance assignment in each Blackboard course.

Students will have until the census date for each course to complete the attendance assignment. Students who fail to complete this assignment for each course they are enrolled in will have their financial aid awards adjusted or cancelled. Below are the census dates for each part of term.


Spring 2020 Census Dates

 Part of Term

 Start Date

 End Date

 Census Date

 1  1/21/2020  5/12/2020  2/05/2020
 2  1/21/2020  3/13/2020  1/28/2020
 3  3/23/2020  5/12/2020  3/30/2020
 11  1/21/2020  2/24/2020  1/24/2020
 12  3/2/2020  4/6/2020  3/5/2020
 13  4/13/2020  5/18/2020  4/16/2020


If a student fails to complete the attendance assignment, but has been attending the course, the student can contact our office at or (409)880-8450 to have their account reviewed.

*Attendance is a requirement for most financial aid awards. Please view the Financial Aid Attendance Policy for information regarding attendance and how it affects financial aid.