Payroll FAQ

How many hours are students allowed to work?

All students, including student assistant, Work Study, graduate and international, are permitted to work 19.5 hour per week during the regular school sessions (Spring semester and Winter semester). A week is calculated as Saturday through Friday. Student Workers (except those receiving Work Study) can work up to 40 hours a week during Spring Break, Summer Break and Winter Break with no other exceptions. 

What if a department has student/hourly employees paid from several different Department Orgs?

There will be several timesheets generated based on the paying Org in this case. Employee should track his/her working hours separately and then enter them in a correct timesheet to submit to the appropriate approver before the timesheet due date.

What is Backup for the Timesheet?

Backup includes times in and out, total hours worked, approved leave information, and signatures of budget managers and employees. Backup information is for departmental use only and should not be submitted to Payroll. This information must remain in the department and available for four (4) years.

Is it possible for a bi-weekly employee to have a one-time pay?

No. Bi-weekly paid employee must be paid through a timesheet, therefore, an hourly pay rate has to be indicated in his/her F3.2. No bi-weekly pay employee can also be paid on the monthly payroll.

What are the signature requirements for F3.2s?

In addition to the department signatures, work study students must go through the Financial Aid office, graduate students must go through the Graduate Studies office and international students must be approved by the International Students’ Office. All these signatures must be obtained prior to sending the F3.2 to the Budget Office.