COVID-19 Policies

Fall 2020 Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

  • In-state and out-of-state base tuition rates will apply for in-person, hybrid and online classes as outlined on the University website.
  • Campus fees including: Student Service, Student Center, Health Center, Rec Center, Center Academic Success, Card One, Records and Study Abroad will remain flat and charged at the 2020-2021 rate. These fees will be charged for in-person and hybrid courses. The variable campus fees including: Athletic, Technology Service Charge and Library Use will also continue to be assessed on a per credit hour basis.
  • Online fees for select courses that were originally setup to be taught face-to-face are being charged at a reduced rate per credit hour. For Fall 2020, a single online fee of $25.00 per semester credit hour (Distance Learning Fall 2020) will be charged for these courses if a change in format from face-to-face to online course occurred. This single online fee replaces the previous $50.00 per credit hour Distance Learning Fee customarily charged for online courses.
  • Students who previously enrolled in fully online courses (with no change in format) will follow the original online fee structure set at $50.00 per credit hour Distance Learning Fee.
  • The University will continue to charge the Student Service, Technology Service, Library Use, Card One, Records and Study Abroad Fee for online courses at the 2020-2021 rate; which is standard with online courses.
  • Consistent with past practice, students enrolled in a mixture of both campus and online courses will be responsible for fees outlined above based on hours enrolled in each format.
  • If there is a need to pivot to fully remote teaching due to the pandemic, there will be no online fee charged for in-person or hybrid courses moved to fully remote.

Tuition and Fees Refunds

The decision by a student to begin the semester enrolled in face-to-face, hybrid, and/or online courses will serve as acknowledgement of responsibility for full payment of tuition and relevant fees. No refunds will be issued if the need arises to temporarily teach or finish the semester remotely.

If you would like to request an additional review of your course fee adjustment for courses which switched from face to face to online, please complete the request at by September 2, 2020.

To view the descriptions and format in which your currently enrolled courses will be taught, log into Student Self-Serve and follow the directions here.