Contract Management

Lamar University's contract management specialists are responsible for creating and maintaining administrative controls that assure fiduciary responsibility when executing contracts on behalf of the university. Lamar's contract specialists are also responsible for the review and approval of contracts prior to a contract being signed by the appropriate delegated authority.

Contract Guidance

There are two Lamar offices that execute the university's contracts:

  1. Campus Operations
  2. Procurement and Payment Services

The type of contract you wish to execute determines which office you will contact.

Which Office Should I Contact?

Campus Operations

  • Campus Operations handles:
    1. All revenue-based contracts where monies are coming into the university through payments from another party, such as facility use, sponsorships, game agreements, and campus food services.
    2. All non-monetary contracts such as Accreditations, Affiliations, and Memoranda of Understanding (MOU).
  • Contact Azadeh Semien at (409) 880-8997 or Cynthia Dean at (409) 880-7695, or email, with any questions regarding non-monetary or revenue-related contracts.

Procurement and Payment Services

  • Procurement and Payment Services handles all expense-based contracts through which Lamar is paying an outside source for the goods or services being purchased.
  • Contact Blaire Brevell at (409) 880-1882 or with any questions regarding expense-related contracts.

Campus Operations

Procurement Services

Cynthia Dean
Director, Contract Services & Public Information Coordinator
Campus Operations
(409) 880-7695
Azadeh Semien
Director, Office of Event Management
Campus Operations
(409) 880-8997
Miriam Morgan
Manager of Campus Safety
Campus Operations
(409) 880-7249
Blaire Brevell
Contract Specialist
(409) 880-1882

How do I request a contract?

The process for requesting a contract depends on the type of contract.

Expense-Related Contracts

  • For expenditure contracts, the department must enter a requisition in Cardinal Purch and attach all related documentation.
  • Procurement will review the information and create a contract for execution.
  • Once the contract is executed, Procurement will link the contract to the requisition and process the Purchase Order to complete the purchasing process.
  • Departments are responsible for ensuring the vendor receives any signed contracts executed as well as monitoring the contract deliverables, renewals, etc.

Non-Monetary and Revenue-Based Contracts

  • Revenue and non-monetary contracts require the department to enter a Contract Request found in the Contracts module (or icon) in Cardinal Purch.
  • Once submitted, the Contract Request will be reviewed by the Campus Operations Office, and if approved, a contract will be generated, reviewed, and executed.

Can I Sign a Contract?

No. Per regulation, only delegated LU personnel are authorized to sign a contract on behalf of the university. These personnel are designated beforehand to perform this task.

All contracts must be reviewed for approval, then routed through the appropriate channels (indicated above), and then signed by the delegated signatory prior to the start of any service or payment.

Total Contract Manager (TCM)

The Total Contract Manager (TCM) module within Cardinal Purch provides a comprehensive platform for contract requests, contract generation and review, approval, and executive authorization through electronic signature. In addition, it offers contract management tools with reminders and tracking for obligations, budget spending, and renewals.

Contract Notifications

  • All stakeholders in the contract will receive notifications regarding the contract.
  • All Index Approvers will receive a notification to review and approve the contract prior to the contract going out for signature.

Central Contract Repository

  • The TCM module serves as a central source for executed agreements with the exception of employee personnel contractual agreements, which will be retained by Human Resources.


Those wishing to hold a summer or other camp at Lamar must go through the contracting process.

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