Section 5 - Conditions of Employment



Revised: 5/01/02;

10/01/03; 10/15/04

1. Policy: Lamar University offers recognition awards to staff and administrative employees who have completed career milestones of five or more years of service to the University and a retirement award to those employees who retire under the provisions of the University Retirement Plan.

2. Eligibility:

Regular full-time employees are eligible for employee recognition awards after completion of five years of University service and every five-year period thereafter.

2.1 Time spent on family medical leave and family care reduced schedules will count toward service.

2.2 Employees not currently employed at the time of the awards ceremony are ineligible for an award.

2.3 Full-time employees who retire under the provisions of the University Retirement Plan are eligible for a service award if the full required service time has been earned.

2.4 The awards program will recognize service to Lamar University (including time at other Lamar institutions) in five (5) year increments; thus, awards shall be presented to employees with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25+.years of continuous of service. The cost of each award shall not exceed that amount established by the State of Texas.

2.5 At the time of the award the employee must hold a full time or 100% FTE staff position.

2.6 Periods of professional leave, military leave, or extended medical leave and leave without pay as defined in the Human Resource Policy and Procedure Manual will not be counted as interruptions in employment, but no service credit will be given for such leave periods. Periods covered by the FMLA will be given service credit.

2.7 Part-time Student Assistant, Student Work Study, Graduate Student employment, Hourly or Part time employment shall count toward Staff Awards service credit time.

2.8 The program is to honor all staff and administrative personnel. Faculty members are not eligible. Faculty members who become staff employees will have full credit for service time to the University.