Performance Management

Lamar University is committed to the practice of meaningful, timely, and productive performance management for all employees. The purpose of performance management is to improve communication about University and
Department goals and the performance of the employee.  Supervisors are to complete the evaluation using the Staff Performance Evaluation form.  Refer to the Resource section below for steps on completing the evaluation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are performance reviews required for all employees?

Performance reviews are required for all full and part time staff employees.

When is the deadline for performance reviews to be completed?

All completed performance reviews should be emailed to by August 31, 2021.

You’re asking us to complete the evaluations in paper form. I completed my evaluation in PeopleAdmin last year. Do I still have access to go back and look at what I submitted in the past?

Previous evaluations completed through PeopleAdmin are accessible through the PeopleAdmin website. If goals were previously set for the employee, use the new evaluation tool to summarize those goals and achievements.

What incentive is available for employees who are doing good work or want to be rewarded?

The following two links provide ideas for incentives to recognize an employee's outstanding performance.

Where is the employee’s job description?

If you do not have a current copy of the job description, please contact your department’s assigned Human Resource Generalist. Terri Jones at extension 1780 or Carrie Hughes at extension 2206.

Where is the university’s Strategic Plan located?

The Strategic Plan can be found on the University’ website.

Are the university and department goals going to be the same or can they be different?

The department goals should align with the established university goals found in the Strategic Plan and may be similar if not the same depending on the goal(s) set for your department within the plan.

What if I and/or my employee would like to set more goals than what is allowed on the form?

It may be unrealistic and difficult to track and measure too many goals. Use the university’s Strategic Plan to develop employees’ goals that align with achievement of the university and department goals. If additional goals are needed, they may be outlined in the Summary.

What if I have a person with a performance issue – how do I document that information on the form?

Use performance issues and tie them into the position or personal specific goals. Document these performance issues in the summary.  Remember that if there are performance issues that arise throughout the year, they should be addressed as they occur and not only during the performance review.

How often will the performance evaluation need to be complete?

This process requires a follow up evaluation at the six-month mark to determine goal progress and if any goal revision is needed. Frequent check-ins in addition to the six-month check-in are highly encouraged.

Who do I contact with questions regarding the performance review?

Please contact your department’s Human Resource Generalist. Terri Jones at extension 1780 or Carrie Hughes at extension 2206.