Time Processing Information

For Student/Hourly Workers

Each department must turn in a Lamar University Payroll Time Form for their student/hourly employees showing total hours worked for the month for each employee.

  • Only employees who have a valid assignment in the Human Resources system will be paid.
  • Submit F3.2s for processing prior to time sheet preparation.
  • Submit one Payroll Time Form per department and org.
  • Submit Payroll Time Forms to Payroll on/before 5th of each month.
  • Students are permitted to work 19.5 hours/week.  
  • List employees in alphabetical order by last name.
  • The “Pay Month/Year” field should be the month in which the hours were worked.
  • Include a Contact Name and Extension.
  • Form must have an authentic Account Manager signature. 

Verify that the information is correct and complete with appropriate signatures before submitting the form to avoid delays in paying your employees.

Payroll Time Form must be approved and signed by the budget manager or his/her designee and submitted to Payroll by an authorized department staff member. Budget Managers must submit a memo with the approved departmental designee, via email or campus mail.

Payroll Time Forms may be submitted via email or campus mail. Email submissions must include the department name, month, and year of the pay period in the subject line. (Ex: Music, December 2016.) To be accepted as valid, in lieu of paper forms, email forms must be submitted by the budget manager or the department designee.

Campus Mail:     Payroll: P.O. Box 10071

Hand-deliver:     Payroll Office: Plummer 106

Email submissions: payroll@lamar.edu

Each department is responsible for maintaining backup for times submitted. 

If you have any questions or need clarification regarding the hourly payroll process please call the Payroll Office at extension 8001, or visit the FAQ page.