Time Processing FAQ

How many hours are students allowed to work?

All students, including work study, graduate, and international are permitted to work 19.50 hours per week. A week is calculated as Saturday through Friday. The 19.50 maximum hours remains in effect during summer and other breaks (i.e. winter and/or spring breaks).   The 19.50 maximum also includes any week that begins in one month and ends in the next.

How are the hours for student/hourly employees calculated?

Hours are calculated from the first of the month to the last business day of the month preceding the pay date. (e.g., the February 15th pay date will include hours worked between January 1st and January 31st)

Whom should I put as the Contact Name and Account Manager?

Contact Name is the person Payroll will contact if there are any questions or concerns regarding the time form. This may or may not be the same person as the account manager.

Account Manager is a required signature. This signature must be authentic and may not be typed into a document. If time forms are submitted electronically have the account manager sign the form, then scan in the signed form to be emailed.

What goes in the “Pay Month/Year” section at the top of the Time Form?

Time Forms should have the Pay Month/Year of the month in which the hours were worked.  If an employee has unpaid hours from different months, each month requires its own Time Form. (e.g., A Time Form submitted for the February 15, 2016 payday, should have January 2016 in the Pay/Month/Year section.)

What if a department has student/hourly employees paid from several different Department Orgs?

The department will need to submit a time form for each Org from which the student/hourly employee is paid

What are the signature requirements for F3.2s?

In addition to the department signatures, work study students must go through the Financial Aid office, graduate students must go through the Graduate Studies office and international students must be approved by the International Students’ Office. All these signatures must be obtained prior to sending the F3.2 to the Budget Office.

What are the signature requirements for the Monthly Time Form?

The Time Form must be approved and signed by the budget manager or his/her designee and submitted to Payroll by an authorized department staff member. Budget Managers must submit a memo with the approved departmental designee, via email or campus mail.

 What is Backup for the Time Form?

Backup includes times in and out, total hours worked, approved leave information, and signatures of budget managers and employees. Backup information is for departmental use only and should not be submitted with the time form. This information must remain in the department and available for four (4) years.