Payroll Information

Payroll Notice – for employees on the new Bi-weekly payroll and their supervisors

Effective July 1, 2017, all non-exempt staff, students, and hourly employees will change to Bi-Weekly payroll.


  1. There will be no exceptions to the bi-weekly timelines. There will be NO manual or expedited payroll runs for late or incorrect timesheets, even if a payroll deadline falls on a holiday or other non-working day. 
  2. Employees must know their Self-Service Banner Employee ID# and PIN to input and approve time.
  3. Timesheets will be ready for entering on the first day of a current pay period. A new hire or a rehire employee should have a timesheet available on his/her first scheduled working day. New or rehire employees should contact their home department first for a missing timesheet.
  4. No employee will be paid on both bi-weekly payroll and monthly payroll. If you have two positions, and one is non-exempt, you will be required to track and enter hours for both positions.
  5. No one-time pays will be generated for an employee who is paid bi-weekly. Payroll will be made according to the time submitted on the timesheet. (Monthly payroll is strictly for paying exempt employees, professors, adjuncts and teaching/graduate students.)


Refer to Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule for updated information. Contact Payroll office at 880-8000 if you have more questions.  

Requesting a Paycheck Stub or a W-2

Electronic versions of your Paycheck Stub and your W-2 are available on the myLamar self service under ‘Employee’ tab. Contact the Service Desk at ext. 2222, if you do not have log in access.

Steps for getting the pay documents:

  • Go to
  • Click ‘myLamar’ on the top left corner
  • Choose ‘Self Service Banner’ under  the General Links
  • Sign in with your user I.D. and pin
  • Choose ‘Employee’ under the Main Menu.
  • Pay stub is under the ‘Pay Information’ tab, and W2 is under the ‘Tax Form’ tab.

Procedures for Processing and Expediting Late Payroll Checks

Monthly Payroll ONLY
  1. The department must complete a “Personnel Action Form” (F3.2). Obtain all required signatures and attach necessary backup information
  2. The head of the employee’s department (account manager, dean, etc.) must send an explanation for the late submission with a request for an expedited manual paycheck. 
  3. The F3.2 and the emailed expedite request must be received before 5:00 p.m. on the Wednesday before the next scheduled supplemental payroll.
  4. The employee may pick up the check after 3:00 p.m. on Friday in Plummer 114. The employee must present a valid, government issued photo I.D. to receive the check.