June 5, 2017

Monday, 06/05/2017
GB 242
Submitted By:
Jarrod Rossi

UIEC Meeting 6/5/2017

The following members were in attendance: Charlotte Mizner, Daniel Bartlett, Kathy Roberts, Sharlene Hatch, Jason Henderson, Kevin Smith, Twila Baker, Erin Clarke, Craig Escamilla, Theresa Heffner-Babb, Rick Carter, Henry Venta, and Jarrod Rossi

  • The meeting began with an introduction of committee members as many new members were in attendance.
  • As of the meeting, UIEC is still waiting on an assessment coordinator from the College of Education and Human Development to be appointed.
  • The role of the UIEC was discussed.
    • (Henry) With regards to the SACSCOC reaffirmation process, the role of UIEC will be to focus on the IE (institutional effectiveness areas).
      • Such as Faculty Qualifications, QEP, and overall IE issues.
      • Make sure everyone on campus who is doing assessments in WEAVE are doing so consistently.
      • Making sure all academic programs, academic support areas, and administrative areas are being assessed.
      • Make sure academic programs offering online programs are assessing the online content as well as traditional. We must make sure the traditional and online programs are not significantly different when it comes to student learning outcomes.
    • (Theresa) On July 12, Dr Taylor (Lamar’s SACSCOC Vice President) will be on campus for a day of question and answer meetings.
      • Anything we need clarification on, Dr. Taylor can address those issues.
      • Accreditation standards will be changing. These standards will be voted on at the December meeting and final versions will come out January 18.
      • Final SACSCOC reaffirmation report due on September 18.
    • (Henry) – On site visit will occur April 2019.
    • (Kevin) – WE must show that we have a history and pattern of IE at Lamar University. “Did you carry out a plan?  Based on that plan, did you learn anything?”
    • Jarrod will work with the coordinators to verify if the entities assigned to their divisions in WEAVE are accurate.
    • Online Assessment
      • Again we need to show there are no differences between online and traditional programs.
      • Maintain separate data to compare.
      • Report degree programs as a whole.
    • (Kevin) – Dr Marquart learned from the state that we need to address marketable skills and make sure degree programs are producing marketable skills.
    • We may need to add an addendum to the UIEC rubric addressing marketable skills.
    • Alberto wanted clarification on what exactly “marketable skills” refer to.
    • (Henry) – as he understands, they are not talking about specific skills, but skills such as how to write, how to work as part of a team, etc. Although we do need to learn more.
    • Dr Wheelan the SACSCOC President has requested Lamar create a peer group, of around 10-20 schools.
      • Jarrod and Theresa will use the State of Texas Higher Education Profile Page as well as IPEDS to determine which schools are Lamar’s peers
        • Based on enrollment, minority population, Carnegie classification, %Pell grant recipients, % students on federal aid, SAT/ACT scores. % online students, and student/faculty ratio.
      • Next meeting will occur July or August 2017 (before Fall 2017 begins)