April 25, 2016

Monday, 04/25/2016
GB 242
Submitted By:
Jarrod Rossi

UIEC Meeting – 4/25/2016

The following members were in attendance: Henry Venta, Greg Marsh, Tom Matthews, Mike Wallace, Kevin Smith, Sherry Benoit, Toni Mulvaney, Alberto Marquez, Terry Mena, Kathy Roberts, Charlette Mizener, Jarrod Rossi, Sharlene Hatch, and Twila Baker

The minutes from the previous UIEC meeting, held on 11/30/2015, were accepted by acclamation after motion by Kevin and seconded.

Brief Discussion over UIEC Coordinators, no changes to academic.  Jason Henderson to be contacted to appoint a representative to UIEC.

Lamar is conducting the ETS-PP (Proficiency Profile).

  • 4th time in 10 years to use this assessment tool.
  • Continuous pressure to use it for more
    • Such as, voluntary system of accountability.

Core Assessment

All core courses have 4 state learning outcomes

  • All core courses will be assessed in WEAVE and have WEAVE “entities” created.
  • All core courses must be assessed 1 time in a 3 year time period.
  • State law requires a core curriculum committee, Jim Sanderson is currently chair of that committee.
  • Should chair of core curriculum assessment committee be a part of UIEC?
    • Not at this time, as Tom Matthews is on both committees.

Program Improvement Review (PIR)

How would PIR fit into WEAVE?

  • Only real viable option is to put a PIR document into WEAVE’s document management system. Adding a PIR to the actual WEAVE report, would involve creating an Outcome/Measure/Target, which would be confusing.
  • Possibly ask Brenda Nichols on what we should do with PIR and WEAVE.

Motion to adjourn was made and seconded.

No discussion was made on when next meeting will be, but UIEC typically has been meeting once a semester.