November 30, 2015

Monday, 11/30/2015
GB 242
Submitted By:
Jarrod Rossi

UIEC Meeting – 11/30/2015

The following members were in attendance: Henry Venta, Greg Marsh, Kevin Smith, Terry Mena, Mike Wallace, Alberto Marquez, Toni Mulvaney, Sherry Benoit, Tom Matthews, Twila Baker, Charlotte Mizener, and Jarrod Rossi.

The minutes from the previous UIEC meeting, held on 8/3/2015, were accepted by acclamation after motion by Kevin and seconded by Terry.

Discussion of 2014-2015 WEAVE Reports. 

  • At the time of the meeting, the Academic WEAVE totals had a 97.83% acceptable or better rating, or 90 out of 92 plans acceptable or better.
    • Need to talk to Golden Wright about BS Theater/Dance WEAVE Report.
  • On the administrative side, at the time of the meeting, only 67.35% of WEAVE reports were acceptable or better, or 33 out of 49.
    • A lot of reorganization has happened in the last year or more which has left many programs without a designated assessment coordinator for WEAVE.
    • Need to get with division heads about getting these WEAVE reports finished or acknowledged that they won’t be done for the 14-15 cycle.

Discussion of 2015-2016 WEAVE Plans.

  • Beginning with last cycle, WEAVE plans need to be authorized/okayed by each department to be reviewed. For the 2015-2016 cycle, the WEAVE plans must be linked with Lamar’s new Strategic Plan to be considered acceptable.
  • For Academic departments, 95.7% of 2015-2016 WEAVE plans had been rated as acceptable or better. 1 of those departments had extenuating circumstances and was actively working on readying the plan (BS Construction Management)  The other 3 unacceptable plans had not been reviewed by their department (B Music Performance, BA Music, M Music).
  • On the Administrative side, only 48.93% of departments/divisions were rated as acceptable or better at the time of the meeting. Mainly due to the same reason as listed for the Administrative 14-15 Reports.

Committee made it clear that individuals in each division/department who are going to be responsible for WEAVE need to be identified and contacted.

Tom and Jarrod will provide any and all assistance needed to guide and/or train new WEAVE users on how to use the WEAVE software.

Jarrod offered to make “house calls” to anyone needing help and will visit their offices for one on one help.  Tom and Jarrod are also available over the phone or for anyone to stop by their offices.

Next meeting will be scheduled, tentatively, in Spring 2016, most likely April.

Motion to adjourn was made and seconded.