August 3, 2015

Monday, 08/03/2015
GB 242
Submitted By:
Jarrod Rossi

UIEC Meeting – 08/03/2015

The following members were in attendance: Sherry Benoit, Mike Wallace, Terry Mena, Henry Venta, Priscilla Parsons, Kevin Smith, Tony Martin, Tom Matthews, Sharlene Hatch, Victor Zaloom, Twyla Baker, Kathy Roberts, Mike Matthis, Charlotte, Mizener, Jarrod Rossi.

The minutes from the previous UIEC meeting, held on 11/24/2015, were accepted by acclamation.

Henry Venta will stay on as chair of the UIEC through 2015-2016 academic year.

New Engineering WEAVE assessment coordinator will be assigned, could potentially stay as Alberto Marquez.

Discussion of potential issues for administrative assessments due to reorganization across campus.  Henry suggested to Tom to get with Vice Presidents of the various areas on campus to reorganize some of the outdated assessment categories in WEAVE to make it easier to get assessment reports done.

Tom reported that 100% of assessment reports were acceptable or better for previous academic year.

Assessment plan review system implemented last year was discussed and was about 80% successful.  More wok with the assessment coordinators needs to happen to get 100% of plans reviewed.

Research and Service reports will be due on September 1.

WEAVE Report and Plan workshop will be help in mid-August and September.

Lamar University’s new Strategic Plan will be entered into WEAVE prior to October 1 WEAVE plan due date.  This will allow programs to link objectives/outcomes to new strategic plan before they approve of their respective 2015-2016 WEAVE plans.

Next UIEC meeting will be conducted late Fall 2015 semester, most likely end of November.

Motion to adjourn was made and seconded.