May 3, 2017

Wednesday, 05/03/2017
Wayne A. Reaud Building
Submitted By:
Rachel Juneau


Meeting called to order by Mr. Ness at 10:00 a.m. and adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

Approval of Minutes from: Wed., April 5th (Craig Ness) Minutes were distributed and approved as written.


 Monthly Status Report Discussion

(Priscilla Parsons)

Active Projects

  • Digital Signage
    • RFP review complete;
    • Phase I, Phase II budget projections complete;
    • Presentation to CFO pending;
    • Final decision and go-live schedule pending
  •  EAB Student Success Initiative Initial Data Extract complete
    • Data validation review in progress
    • Initial training anticipated May/June
    • Go-Live Sept/Oct
  • IT Service Management
    • Go-Live Postponed to May 29th  
    • Security Awareness Program
    • Soft launch Summer
    • Full campus launch – August for Fall
  • Banner 9/XE
    • All modules are live in production
    • Training for primary administrative offices is complete 
    • Training for other administrative offices and faculty in progress
    •  Banner 8 remains available for use
    • Endpoint encryption
    • Pending go/no-go decision
    • Windows 10 Pilot Program – complete


  •   LSCO & LIT Banner 9/XE – May/June/July
  •   NSF cyber infrastructure grant – active; policy & procedure development active
  •   High Performance Computing Cluster - complete
  •   Multi-factor authentication
  •   Voluntary onboarding of devices active
  •   Required use of multi-factor for VPN access scheduled for Fall 2017

Completed Projects

  • Windows 10 Pilot
  • HPC Cluster – College of Engineering

Upcoming Projects

  • eSignature (TSUS initiative) – on hold pending issue resolution per Texas State University
  • Information Resources Risk Assessments are in progress; Provost/VPs will be asked to verify information owners; Information owners will be asked/expected to participate in the risk assessments.



Unplanned Outages: None


 Academic Computing Committee

(Larry Osborne)

  • Large Data Transfer System
  • Usage Policy
  • MATLAB License Renewal
  • Just needs one month notice prior to renewal being needed
  • Adobe site license for the campus was determined to be better than A la carte
  • Biology Professor needing high performance machine and wanting to use Amazon Cloud Service for research.  The committee discouraged him from using the service but wanted to know if there is a policy for using a program like the Amazon Cloud including funding?
  • Answered by Mr. Ness saying that the individual colleges should have a budget for IT.  Need to check for existing agreements and/or licenses.
  • Need to evaluate campus security of the program to ensure that information is not shared with the program incorrectly 

Student Issues

(Tim Gonzales)

None to report


Other Items

None to report


Next Meeting Wednesday, June 7th , 2017 (This meeting was cancelled due to power outage on campus) 10:00 a.m.
Wayne A. Reaud Building #312