April 6, 2016

Wednesday, 04/06/2016
Plummer Conference Room
Submitted By:
Rachel Juneau

Meeting called to order by James Marquart at 10:00 a.m. and adjourned at 10:20 a.m.

 Attendees: James Marquart, Priscilla Parsons, Kevin Smith, Vicki McNeil, Larry Osborne, Charla Pate, Sherry Waldon-Wells and Tim Gonzales


Approval of Minutes:Wed., March 2nd, 2016

(James Marquart)

Minutes were distributed and approved as written.


Monthly Status Report
(Priscilla Parsons)


Active Projects

  • Touchnet Marketplace / Chase Migration– complete

  • Office 365 – 60% complete
    • Group 1 – complete (1421)
    • Group 2 – complete (341)
    • Group 3 – April 9; Group 4 – April 16; …
  • Training will be provided the following week (for 5 weeks) after transferring over to Office 365.
  • There are size limitations on attachments. If files are too large, they can be placed on OneDrive and a link can be sent to that document.  

  • Ellucian Banner 9 / CAS upgrade / Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Multi-factor installed in development for VPN access to Banner 9 HR
    • Branding in progress in preparation for production go-live
    • Banner General and Banner Finance beta complete

  • Voice System Upgrade – on hold

  • Ad Astra Scheduling Software
    • Project start pending new employee hire

  • Research and Sponsored Programs Administration (go-live scheduled May 8)
    • Evisions Cayuse 424: cloud-based, automated completion and submission of federal grant proposals;
    • Evisions Cayuse IRB: cloud-based control of human subjects research

  • NSF Cyberinfrastructure Grant
    • Equipment has been purchased and received
    • Fiber installations in progress
    • First faculty forum to be scheduled April 22

  • SciQuest eSourcing Director
    • Creates procurement events, manage bids and award contracts automatically
    • Tentative Go Live April 11

  • Digital Signage
    • Project team established (Kate Downing / Dale Lack leads)
    • Requirements definition and RFP in progress

  • Blackboard to Banner Grade Integration
    • Statement of Work signed with Ellucian
    • Anticipated pilot group Summer I
  • Miscellaneous
    • College of Education program admissions automation re-engineering
    • COSP (go live 4/15)
    • College of Education Blackboard learning outcomes based reporting (active)
    • CRM and Touchnet Integration – provides ability to register for student activities through CRM that require payment (ie orientation)


Completed Projects

  • Touchnet Marketplace

Upcoming Projects

  • Laptop encryption – Academic Technology Committee subcommittee
  • eSignature
  • New building access control
  • Environmental (HVAC) system upgrade
  • Workflow – product assessment and recommendation; function specific workflows within existing products under evaluation {such as eSignature}


Outages:  None


Academic Computing Committee (Larry Osborne)

Items discussed in their meeting in February:

  1. Transferring over to Office 365.
  2. NSF grants for the campus and the effort of having a high performance computing center for large data.
  3. There are current NSF projects in Maes, Geology, Biology and Chemistry buildings and will be receiving fiber installations.
  4. Dr. Marquart’s project concerning faculty e-mailing remotely. IT and Gartner can help support encryption at an enterprise level, not on an individual basis. 
  5. Blackboard products and video software.


Student Issues

Tim Gonzales received the following complaints from students:

  1. Slow Wi-Fi speed in Maes and the Library, but seems to be resolved.
  2. E-mail spam. Priscilla stated that there are Outlook add-ons that can help report and train the spam engine to filter.
  3. A few students couldn’t verify their log-in information when adding a tablet and cell phone.


Next Meeting Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 10:00 a.m. Plummer Conference Room #102