March 2, 2016

Wednesday, 03/02/2016
Plummer Conference Room
Submitted By:
Rachel Juneau

Meeting called to order by Cruse Melvin at 10:05 a.m. and adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

 Attendees: Cruse Melvin, Priscilla Parsons, Kevin Smith, Vicki McNeil, and Sherry Benoit


Approval of Minutes:Wed., Feb. 10th, 2016

(Cruse Melvin)

Minutes were distributed and approved as written


Monthly Status Report


(Priscilla Parsons)


Active Projects

  • Touchnet Marketplace / Chase Migration– complete
    • Roles and Responsibilities completed
    • Policy and Procedures completed
    • Information will be posted to the Finance website and a campus announcement will be sent out.
  • StarRez deposit enhancement - complete
    • Housing deposits through integrated systems:
      • StarRez -> Touchnet -> StarRez -> Banner -> Recruiter CRM

  • Office 365 – 45% complete
    • Internal Communication Website Active {accessible via}
    • Campus meetings completed include staff advisory council, CID, Academic Technology, Faculty Senate, and departmental technicians
    • Sync to begin for group 1 March 7th
    • Briefcase instructions to be available online

  • Ellucian Banner 9 / Multi-Factor Authentication – 40% complete
    • Increased scope to include Banner General and Banner Finance
    • Multi-factor installed in development for VPN access to Banner 9 HR
    • Banner General and Banner Finance beta versions installed in development

  • Voice System Upgrade – 20% complete
    • Training for contact center users mid-March
    • Completion anticipated March - April
    • This upgrade will allow employees to transfer calls to cell phones. A policy will be created and will be brought to Execs.

  • Ad Astra Scheduling Software
    • Contract has been signed;
    • Implementation planning in progress; 4-5 month implementation
    • To be used for Spring 2017 scheduling (November)
    • Priority of components: classroom scheduling, meetings, events (w/payment)

  • Virtual Lab Enhancement (new)
    • Completed external assessment of environment for HA and scalability
    • Design of highly available environment split between LU and TSU underway
    • Expanded use by College of Engineering and Nursing expected in Fall 2016

  • Research and Sponsored Programs Administration (new)
    • Evisions Cayuse 424: cloud-based, automated completion and submission of federal grant proposals for over 98% of opportunities on
    • Evisions Cayuse IRB: cloud-based control of human subjects research, with automated protocol creation, review and submission processes.
    • Infoready Competition Space: streamlines application process for internal funding opportunities – complete
  • NSF Cyberinfrastructure Grant (new)
    • Procurement phase is active
    • Deployment in Fall 2016
    • Training, evaluation, and reporting 2016/2017

  • SciQuest eSourcing Director (new)
    • Creates procurement events, manage bids and award contracts automatically
    • Completed vendor questionnaire
    • Completed project kickoff call; established project meeting schedule

  • Miscellaneous
    • College of Education program admissions automation re-engineering
    • EDLD (MED/Principal Certification, Superintendent Certification) complete
    • COSP (Clinical Mental Health, School Counseling, Special Education)
    • College of Education Blackboard learning outcomes based reporting (new)
    • Multi-year campus network refresh
  • HR legacy document imaging system migration (HR Fortis system) – complete
    • Migration complete
    • Final step of error resolution in progress  (157/614,023 rejected)

  • Windows 2003 upgrades – complete


Completed Projects

  • StarRez housing deposit enhancement
  • HR legacy document imaging system migration (HR Fortis system)
  • Windows 2003 upgrades
  • InfoReady Competition Space

Upcoming Projects

  • Laptop encryption – Academic Technology Committee subcommittee
  • Digital Signage / Internal Communications
  • Grade Integration from Blackboard to Banner
  • Several university departments attended eSignature demonstrations Feb 17th
  • New building access control – planning meeting March 2nd
  • Environmental (HVAC) system upgrade – planning meeting March 3rd
  • Workflow – product assessment and recommendation; function specific workflows within existing products under evaluation {such as eSignature}


Outages:  None


Other Items

Cruse Melvin:

Other IT projects:

  • Allowing students to print from their own device in the Library.
  • Upgrading PeopleAdmin to include performance management services.


Next Meeting Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 10:00 a.m. Plummer Conference Room #102