November 4, 2015

Wednesday, 11/04/2015
Plummer Conference Room
Submitted By:
Rachel Juneau

Meeting called to order by Cruse Melvin at 10:05am and adjourned at 11:00am

 Attendees: Cruse Melvin, Jim Marquart, Priscilla Parsons, Larry Osborne, Kevin Smith, Vicki McNeil, Juan Zabala and Tim Gonzales


Approval of Minutes:Wed., Sept. 2nd, 2015

(Cruse Melvin)

Minutes were distributed and approved as written.


Monthly Status Report


(Priscilla Parsons)


Active Projects

  • Residence Hall Internet Upgrade - complete

  • External Data Network upgrade – 90%
    • Final testing to be completed November 5th, 2015
    • Developed inter-agency agreement for UT/OTS to use our services (very limited)
    • Complete cutover prior to Thanksgiving 2015

  • HR legacy document imaging system migration (HR Fortis system)
    • SOW signed for contracted services
    • Targeted completion February 2016 (yearly maintenance renews March 2016)

  • Windows 2003 upgrades
    • 6 servers remain; 4 targeted completion date in Nov; 1 in Dec; 1 in Feb

  • Athletics XOS upgrade
    • Suspended until football season completes; scheduled go-live December 10th, 2015

  • Touchnet Marketplace – Hold
    • On hold pending implementation of TSUS credit card banking agreement with Chase

  • Issue with implementation of Chase credit card machines
    • The credit card machines did not support point-to-point encryption, but should support it in February. Reviewing alternate equipment.

  • Office 365
    • Delivery of student emails using Microsoft Office 365 – Tuesday, November 3
    • Student email address/password did not change;
    • Student emails from Zimbra were not migrated; self-migration is available;
    • Emails, flyers, posters, in-person support in Setzer Center and Library lab;
    • Faculty & Staff will be migrated February 2016; Zimbra emails will be migrated

  • Beta partnership with Ellucian for Banner 9 HR
    • Introduces new user interface and limited new functionality
    • LU HR team and technical staff have direct access to Ellucian product development team with feedback, issue identification, improvement suggestions, etc.
    • Banner 9 will bring Banner under LU single sign-on (LEA); introduces some vulnerabilities that will be addressed with multi-factor authentication.  A pilot using DUO for multi-factor authentication is currently underway.
    • Banner 9 is now in general release; LU is expected to go into production early 2016

  • CRM Phase II – Business Process Integration
    • Solution developed by LU team for integration of application and admissions with Recruiter CRM to go live by November 5th, 2015
    • Leads, prospects, and applicants are now managed via the CRM
    • Various data points are now available to inform recruiting efforts

  • Blackboard Enhancements
    • New agreement signed to deliver new product and services
      • Diamond level service agreement - dedicated Blackboard liaison to CDE staff
      • Content – share content between faculty, courses, and students
      • Communities – attribute driven entry page {major, college, interest, etc.}
      • Collaborate – chat, video conferencing, and virtual classroom
    • Planning and training underway; expect pilots in Spring 2016
    • Working with Ellucian on transferring grades from Blackboard to Banner.


Completed Projects

  • Residence Hall Internet/Wireless upgrade
  • Information Security Program submitted to Academic Technology Committee
  • Moved the service desk staff from the 1st floor to the 7th floor of the Library.

Upcoming Projects

  • Workflow – product assessment and recommendation; function specific workflows within existing products under evaluation


Outages: None


Academic Computing Committee

(Larry Osborne)

  • In the September meeting, there was a Blackboard presentation concerning upgrades and new features. The committee also listened to a presentation from Dr. Andrei about his new virtual map on campus using an avatar.
  • In October, the committee discussed the virtual desktop project. Paula Nichols’ area is collecting a list of software needed for online students. Faculty, students and staff can install Microsoft Office 365 and have access to it on up to 5 different devices, free of charge, as long as they are associated with Lamar University.
  • A 5-member subcommittee was assembled to address security and privacy issues. They will meet with Dr. Marquart for further instructions.

The Academic Computing Committee will recommend the following two things to the Provost:

  1. Faculty should not forward their LU e-mail to their personal e-mail account.
  2. Faculty should initiate all campus business through their Lamar e-mail.    


Other Items

Priscilla Parsons:

The committee reviewed the new Information Security Program Policy. Juan Zabala suggested making one change: on page 6, under Information Owner/Data Owner, add “Responsible for developing security controls”. After making this addition, it was recommended to submit the policy to President Evans for approval.

Cruse Melvin: 

Since improving the Wi-Fi network, more students are using it outside.


Next Meeting Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 10:00 a.m. Plummer Conference Room #102