July 8, 2015

Wednesday, 07/08/2015
Plummer Conference Room
Submitted By:
Rachel Juneau


Meeting called to order by Cruse Melvin at 10:00am and adjourned at 10:30am

Attendees: Cruse Melvin, Jim Marquart, Priscilla Parsons, Larry Osborne, Charla Pate, Kevin Smith and Sherry Benoit.


Approval of Minutes   Wed., May 6th, 2015

      (Cruse Melvin)

Minutes were distributed and approved as written.


Monthly Status Report


   (Priscilla Parsons)


  • Wireless – 95% complete
    • Cardinal wireless will be turned off on July 6th, 2015; LU Big Red will be turned off on July 27th, 2015
    • Connection issues to the new wireless system have been reported. LU Big Red is still available for use.
    • After July 27th, 2015, all users will be required to use the new networks
    • New Project -- Outdoor (non-athletic venues and student life areas)
    • Looking at sponsors for the wireless system in athletic areas.

  • Residence Hall Internet Upgrade
    • Time Warner engaged to amend contract to include managed wireless service
    • Anticipated go-live August 2015 before general Fall ’15 move-in

  • Security Camera System Replacement / Access Control
    • New access control has been installed in Residence Halls and RH parking lots
    • Residence hall access cards will be printed in the Wimberly building

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    • Recruiter CRM went live June 29th
    • Phase II – Business Process Integration -- in progress with work sessions July 8-9

  • External Data Network upgrade
    • Contracts have been signed to upgrade external bandwidth
    • Current bandwidth capability will double by August 31st; infrastructure to scale X20
    • Scheduled go-live August 31st, 2015

  • Bosscars (Parking Permit System) upgrade – LU & LIT -- complete
    • Upgrade and web portal implementation completed July 2nd
    • Web portal processes need to be defined
    • This new system will allow parking tags to be purchased online.
    • The parking office will be consolidated and moved to the Cashier’s Office.

  • Xtender Document Imaging Upgrade & Legacy system migration
    • Upgrade complete June 26th
    • Laserfische (student records) migration to Xtender targeted for September

  • Active Directory upgrade (LEA accounts)
    • Communicator (instant messaging) replacement (Skype for Business) will go live July 10th
    • Onsite planning and assessment was completed June 22nd
    • Go Live with new Active Directory – July 24th -- should be no impact

  • Banner 9 / Banner XE beta -- complete
    • HR staff has actively been testing new HR module – May-June 2015
    • First Banner 9 module (HR) expected for general release end of July
    • Executive presentation for full Banner 9 upgrade project upcoming
    • Current modules through Ellucian will be activated or will require new modules.

  • Windows 2003 upgrades
    • Windows 2003 becomes unsupported in July 2015
    • Applications running on a Windows 2003 server are being reviewed
    • 11 out of 21 servers have been completed as of June 30th  
    • Fortis HR migration to Xtender expected completion by July 31st


Completed Projects

  • Bosscars Parking Permit System upgrade and web portal implementation
  • HR Banner 9 beta partners with Ellucian


Upcoming Projects (Note:  2 previous month upcoming projects moved to Active)

  • Microsoft O365 (email, collaboration, video conferencing) –in planning
  • Will have a project layout next month.
  • Workflow – product assessment and recommendation



  • Recommendations for printers & projectors posted to the “Buying Technology”
  • Project Planning for FY 16 is active.
  • Document imaging for the Provost and President offices will begin Friday,
    July 10th.
  • Outages: LUSecure wireless in John Gray (July 6th) – LUBigRed remains active
    as an alternative.


Academic Computing Committee

   (Larry Osborne)

Academic Computing Committee

No report given.   


Other Items

Sherry Benoit: 

  1. Working with Dale Lack to prioritize projects for Strategic Enrollment Management.
  2. Focusing on the CRM project.


Charla Pate:

Please contact Charla for any requests for the new Web Developer, Mohammed Abdelkarym.


Next Meeting Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 10:00 a.m. Plummer Conference Room #102