University Faculty Awards Committee

Charge: The University Faculty Awards Committee reviews the criteria, guidelines, and procedures for nomination and selection relating to faculty awards. The Committee convenes in the Fall of each academic year to create a timeline for nomination, selection, and recognition of available awards. The Committee receives nominations and votes to select/make recommendations for the recipients of the following awards, using criteria, guidelines, and procedures specific to each award:  Distinguished Faculty Lecturer, University Merit Award, University Professor Award, David J. Beck Teaching Excellence Award, Minnie Piper Stevens Award Nominee, TSUS Regents Professor Nominee, and TSUS Regents Teacher Nominee.

Membership & Reporting: The committee shall consist of a representative from Academic Affairs, the Deans Council, and the Council of Instructional Departments and two representatives from the Faculty Senate appointed by the Faculty Senate President.  Working groups consisting of other university constituents (staff, students, alumni) may be utilized for specific awards and the planning of the annual faculty awards ceremony – as the committee deems appropriate.

Committee Members

Samuel Jator (Academic Affairs) SPRING 2023-SUM 2026
Tilisa Thibodeaux (Deans Council) SPRING 2023-SUM 2026
Stephanie Chadwick (CID - Council of Instructional Dept.) SPRING 2023-SUM 2026
Jennifer Fowler (Faculty Senate) SPRING 2023-SUM 2026
Jane, Jiangjiang, Liu (Faculty Senate) SPRING 2023-SUM 2026