University Accessibility Committee

Charge: The University Accessibility Committee's members will be a diverse representation of university departments and organizations working together to meet the needs of the entire university community. The committee will use the following as a guide:

  1. Encourage: inclusive design of all environments, products, and experiences to ensure full access for all people interacting with Lamar University.
  2. Advance: the University’s strategic goal of enhancing access to educational programs and student services.
  3. Act: in an advisory capacity regarding inclusive and accessible programs and policies.
  4. Advocate: for University community members with disabilities.
  5. Educate: by increasing awareness of disability-related issues.

Membership & Reporting: Members appointed by Assistant Vice President for Health, Wellness & Accessibility; Director of Accessibility Resource Center chairs the committee; charge to Committee given by VP for Student Engagement.

Committee Members

Tammy Lilly (Director, Accessibility Resource Center), Chair Ex Officio
Rachel Hoover (Director, STARS) FALL 2023-SPR 2024
David Short (Registrar) FALL 2023-SPR 2024
Christopher Hazelton (Assistant Director, Housing & Residence Life) Ex Officio
Margo Hymer (Staff Council) Ex Officio
Karen Ellis (NP, Student Health Center) Ex Officio
Helene Thill (Associate Athletic Director/COO) Ex Officio
Charla Pate (Director, Web Communications) Ex Officio
Akilah Cooper-Edmond (Director, EHS & Risk Management) Ex Officio
Diane Clark (CID) FALL 2023-SUM 2024
TBD(Human Resources) FALL 2023-SUM 2024
Jeremiah Nuatomue (Instructional Designer) FALL 2023-SUM 2024
Carol Jones (Techinal Application Manager) FALL 2023-SUM 2024
Kyle Fayan (Associate Director for Involvement) FALL 2023-SUM 2024
Edward Long (Instructional Designer) FALL 2023-SUM 2024
Gina Hale (Nursing) FALL 2023-SUM 2024
TBD(Field Ops Staff Sergeant) FALL 2020-SUM 2021
TBD(Procurement Services) FALL 2020-SUM 2021
Trina Nolen (Department Head of Techical Services) FALL 2023-SUM 2024
Taylor Stephenson (Enterprise App & Integration) FALL 2023-SUM 2024
Antonio Lopez Maldonado (SGA) FALL 2023-SUM 2024
Chris Roland (SGA) FALL 2023-SUM 2024