June 2017 Virtual Meeting

Wednesday, 06/07/2017
Virtual Meeting
Submitted By:
Tammye Knowles

Participating: Stefan Andrei, computer science; Kendrick Aung, mechanical engineering; Cynthia Barnes, Eileen Curl, Carmen Doering, library; Theresa Hefner-Babb, OPAA; Paul Hemenway (by proxy), communication; Lula Henry, education; Tammye Knowles, academic affairs; Boyd Lanier, political science; Kami Makki, computer science; John McCullough, economics and finance; Nicki Michalski, communication; Larry Osborne, computer science; David Short, Registrar; Judy Smith, nursing; Kevin Smith, Senior Associate Provost; Zanthia Smith (by proxy), deaf studies and deaf education

Call to order: Ballots and memos went out beginning on June 7 through June 12.

Minutes from May meeting: Minutes will be deferred until next meeting, July 17.

Old Business: (As of our balloting, only old business was on the agenda. All items were to be submitted to the Board agenda if approved.)


COSC 4350 BoR

  • Syllabus contained two disability statements
  • Approved with changes

CPSC 4324 BoR

  • Several respondents agreed with Judy Smith that varied formatting may create some confusion
  • Boyd Lanier admitted creating the problem of formatting while submitting corrections to the Word version and could not re-impose previous formatting scheme
  • Approved
CPSC 4345 BoR
  • Several respondents agreed with Judy Smith that varied justification was distracting
  • As before, Boyd Lanier admitted creating the problem during editing
  • Approved                

CPSC 4355 BoR


CRIJ 4302 BoR

  • Nicki Michalski noted course description referred to a “paper” rather than the course
  • Judy Smith noted there was no mention of Drop dates
  • Boyd Lanier responded that our guidelines make no mention of requiring mention of drop dates and deadlines
  • Approved with changes                

SOCI 4342 BoR

  • Nicki Michalski noted office and phone # were missing and 10 points extra credit were not truly extra credit
  • Boyd Lanier responded that the department indicated a few adjunct instructors do not have a campus presence, teach on line and can only be reached via an email address
  • Grading scheme does extend to the total plus 10 points, however the break points for each segment (60, 70, 80, and 90%) are based on the regular assignments and do not include the extra credit in the totals
  • Judy Smith referred to missing discussion of drop dates.
  • Approved with changes

SPSH 1373 BoR

  • A couple of you noted lack of office hours and location
  • Approved with changes


The following were not able to be amended to comply with “approved with changes” and were returned to the departments:

SOCI 4355 BoR

  • Syllabus is on hold until faculty makes clears up a question regarding number of exams and penalties for academic dishonesty
  • Approved with changes (on hold)

SOCI 4370 BoR

  • Many corrections were sought but no editable version of the syllabus has been forwarded
  • Two votes were to reject and return the request.
  • Approved with several changes (on hold)

BS in Data Analytics and Computation

  • Many problems with prerequisites were pointed out
  • Reject and return for clarification (on hold)

BS in Speech and Hearing Sciences

  • Some prerequisite problems pointed out
  • Approved with corrections (on hold)

New Business: None at time of meeting.

Next Meeting:  Monday, July 17, 2017 at 3:30 p.m. in room 717 of the Mary and John Gray Library

Adjournment: Virtual balloting continues in an effort to reduce the backlog of ‘old business’