April 17, 2017

Monday, 04/17/2017
John Gray Library Room 717
Submitted By:
Tammye Knowles

Attending: Melissa Riley, College readiness; Boyd Lanier, Political Science with proxies for Eileen Curl  and Nicki Michalski, Communications; Judy Smith, Nursing; Carol Hammonds, Nursing; Zanthia Smith, Deaf studies and deaf education with proxy for Lula Henry, Education; Daniel Bartlett, Director Undergraduate Advising Center, success and retention;  Kevin Smith, Senior Associate Provost; John McCullough, Economics and Finance; Carmen Doering, Library; Theresa Hefner-Babb, OPAA; Kami Makki, Computer Science ; Stefan Andrei, Computer Science; Paul Hemenway, Fine Arts and Communication; Kendrick Aung, ME; David Short, Registrar; Tammye Knowles

Call to order: 3:32 p.m.

Approval of Minutes from 3-27-17: A motion was made to dispense with the reading of the previous minutes by Carol Hammonds, Seconded by Paul Hemenway and the motion was approved. Judy Smith made a motion to approve the minutes for 3-27-17 as written. The motion was seconded by Boyd Lanier. Approved Unanimously.


Stefan Andrei from Computer Science:

  • Presented the course syllabi template that has been developed with an example given of what the uniform syllabi will look like.
  • In Beta format the platform requires Wampserver software to download a working file.
  • Once the syllabi template is approved by all required committees, IT will need to figure out how to roll it out for all faculty
  • Boyd Lanier made a motion to approve the template. Zanthia Smith, seconded the motion and the template was approved by acclamation. (Stefan will need a copy of these minutes to take to a future meeting with IT.)

INEN 3380 revised:

  • Page One: Has two sets of pre-requisites that do not match. Only one set can be in the system at a time.
  • Needs to delete faculty cell phone and instructions to not call after 8:00 pm. Delete all references to personal data.
  • May need to consider designing a separate course for non-engineering majors.
  • Page Eight: In the section of Absences based on Religious Beliefs need to add statement See Student Handbook
  • On the last page where it says Academic Continuity Statement needs to be changed to say Academic Continuity Statement.
  • Kami Makki motioned to approve with required changes, Judy Smith seconded, Approved with the revisions requested.

INEN 4350 revised:

  • Page One: Needs to remove all references to the use of a personal cell phone.
  • Page Two: In the grading section, it shows >60 is an F. Should say <60 is an F.
  • Page Four: Attendance heading should read Attendance requirements including make-up policy.
  • Page Five Second paragraph of the Academic Honesty Policy and Team Work: in the middle of the second sentence it says but coping and should say copying material sections, etc.
  • On the same page Notes for NON IE Students should say Students from other departments may take the course instead of can take the course.
  • Judy Smith made a motion to approve with revisions; Boyd Lanier Seconded
  • Approved by acclamation.

MEEN 3320 revised:

  • Page One: Publication dates missing from the textbook Lists
  • Page Two: Grading Policy At the end of the grading scale it says that the Numerical Course Grade = Normalized Earned Points + Merit points (How are the normalized earned points calculated? Need to include an explanation of how the normalized earned points are calculated.)
  • Attendance heading should read Attendance Policy. Many of the other headings are not correct.
  • Boyd Lanier motioned to table this syllabus for further evaluation; Carol Hammonds seconded, committee approved the motion.

MEEN 3340 revised:

  • Pre-requisite MEEN 2302 was added.
  • Committee Chair Boyd Lanier had received a cover page for this course dated 3-20-17 to clarify the pre-requisite courses but the form was not duly signed and the pre-requisites do not match the various cover pages that have been previously submitted dated 9-15-16 and 10-25-16
  • Maximum repeat hours not designated on some forms
  • On Page One: Instructor contact information should appear at the top of the page.
  • On Page Two Class Policies: Following the statement: Only University approved excuses for absences will be accepted. Need to add See Student Handbook.
  • Judy Smith motioned to send syllabus back to the department for proper signed clarification of pre-requisite courses since they do not match between the syllabus and the signed cover pages. Zanthia Smith Seconded; motion approved unanimously.

BS Civil Engineering Memo of changes to degree plan:

  • Five bullet points on page one are on the degree plan
  • Bullet point on the top of second page is on the syllabus for CVEN 2301 not the degree plan (missing the word “no” from statement also).
  • Need clarification on the pre-requisite courses for CVEN 3370 which are now 3311 and 3360 at the bottom of the degree plan page.
  • Judy Smith motioned to approve with requested clarification of the pre-reqs. for CVEN 3370. Carol Hammonds, seconded; motion approved unanimously.

Certificate of Public Relations:

  • COMM 4360 requires completion of 24 hours of COMM or permission of the instructor.
  • Page Two: Need to correct COMM 4362 requires COMM 2362 or COMM 3360 for students who may have taken the course prior to the change to course number COMM 2362.
  • COMM 4370 requires COMM 4383 which is required for the certificate.
  • Boyd Lanier motioned to approve the Certificate of Public Relations pending correction of pre-requisite numbers. Judy Smith seconded. Motion approved.

Certificate Sports Journalism & Media:

  • Some courses listed as options in the certificate have prerequisites
  • COMM 3386 not in course directory, no way to evaluate prerequisites.
  • COMM 3395 also not in course directory, no way to evaluate prerequisites.
  • COMM 3130 is a one hour course which must be taken 3 times which requires COMM 1370 and COMM 1304 and either COMM 1373 (which requires pre-requisite of English 1301, with a C or higher) or COMM 2374 that has Prerequisites of COMM 1373 or permission by the instructor). This makes 9 hours of pre-requisites for the lab course.
  • Smith motioned to approve pending clarification of the pre-requisite concerns and status of courses. Zanthia Smith Seconded. Motion approved.

BS in Speech and Hearing Sciences Degree Plan revisions:

  • Degree plan adds up to only 111 total hours instead of the required 120 hours.
  • Deferred further review until the next meeting



  • Boyd Lanier moved to adjourn the meeting at 5:00 pm
  • Kami Makki seconded and motion was approved.

Next Meeting:

Monday May 8, 2017 at 3:30 in room 717 of the Mary and John Gray Library.