September 21, 2015

Monday, 09/21/2015
Room 717, Mary and John Gray Library
Submitted By:
Christy Swanson

Attending: George Kenyon, management and marketing; Tony Martin, OPAA; Robert Ehrlich, student government; Barbara Price, assistant registrar; Judy Smith, nursing; Edythe Kirk, psychology; Daniel Bartlett, UAC; Judi Mann, psychology; Melissa Riley, college readiness; Ricardo Tovar-Silos, information systems and analysis; Boyd Lanier, political science; Zanthia Smith, deaf education and deaf studies; Lula Henry, education; Paul Hemenway, communication; Nicki Michalski, communication; Carmen Doering, library; Molly Dahm, education


Call to Order:  3:30 p.m., quorum was met 

Approval of minutes: Judy Smith made a motion to approve the minutes. Robert Ehrlich seconded the motion, and it carried.

New Business:

  1. Elections:
    1. All current officers (Judi Mann, chair; Boyd Lanier, vice chair; Nicki Michalski, secretary) agreed to serve for a second year.
    2. George Kenyon made a motion to accept the nominations and vote. Judy Smith seconded the motion, and it carried. All officers were re-elected.
  2. Business program title change:
    1. The college of business wants to change the title of the General Business-Industrial Engineering Concentration to General Business-Operations and Supply Chain Management. This will also involve some course changes.
    2. The suggestion is made to spell out what ERP is (enterprise resource planning).
    3. BULW 1370 and ECON 2301 need to be moved to the academic foundations portion of the degree plan.
    4. There may be issues with SACS.
    5. There are a number of elements that may bear further review in the college of business.
    6. Nicki Michalski made a motion to table this issue until George Kenyon consults with Marlene Swerdlow and Tony Martin and resubmits the plan with adjustments. The motion was seconded by Lula Henry and carried.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 4:07 p.m.