Undergraduate Curriculum Council

Charge: The Undergraduate Curriculum Council shall report to and advise the provost on matters concerning the undergraduate curriculum, new programs, graduation requirements, syllabi requirements, and related curricular issues. The council shall include one tenured faculty member at the rank of assistant professor or higher for each 25 full-time faculty members per college, with a maximum of six faculty representatives per college. In addition, the council shall include a representative from the library, College Readiness faculty, Faculty Senate, Council of Instructional Departments, and Student Government Association. All members, as well as the chair, shall be elected. The registrar, executive director of planning and assessment/SACSCOC liaison, director of Undergraduate Advising Center/College Readiness, and the acting associate provost shall serve as ex officio, non-voting members. The chair shall be elected from and by the voting members.

Membership & Reporting: Faculty Senators/Deans conduct election for tenured faculty members; chair is elected from and by members; charge to Committee given by Provost; recommendations from Committee presented to Provost. Department Chairs are ineligible to serve in the capacity of faculty.

Committee Members

Michael Saar (Library), Chair FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Craig Escamilla (Acting Exec. Director, Student Achievement & Retention) Ex Officio
Theresa Hefner-Babb (Exec. Director, OPA) Ex Officio
Joe Nordgren (Acting Associate Provost) Ex Officio
David Short (Registrar) Ex Officio
James Armacost (Arts & Sciences) FALL 2018-SUM 2021
J.Y. Choi (Business) FALL 2018-SUM 2021
Kaushik Ghosh (Business) FALL 2018-SUM 2021
Barbara Hernandez (Education & Human Development) FALL 2018-SUM 2021
Serdar Ilban (Fine Arts & Communication) FALL 2018-SUM 2021
Alberto Marquez (Engineering) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Qin Qian (Engineering) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Mamta Singh (Education & Human Development) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Judy Smith (Arts & Sciences) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Zanthia Smith (Fine Arts & Communication) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Qinjiang Yao (Fine Arts & Communication) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Stefan Andrei (CID Representative) FALL 2016-SUM 2019
Ken Aung (Engineering) FALL 2016-SUM 2019
Kami Makki (Arts & Sciences) FALL 2016-SUM 2019
John McCollough (Business) FALL 2016-SUM 2019
Larry Osborne (Arts & Sciences) FALL 2016-SUM 2019
Edward Doan (SGA Appointee) FALL 2018-SUM 2019
Debbie Troxclair (Education & Human Development) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Eileen Curl (Art & Sciences) FALL 2015-SUM 2018
Melissa Riley (College Readiness) FALL 2015-SUM 2018
Garrick Harden (Faculty Senate) FALL 2017-SUM 2018