Strategic Plan Advisory Council

: The strategic plan advisory council will monitor progress made on the University’s strategic plan, periodically review unit-level action plans, help inform the strategic budget allocation process, and provide advice and counsel to President Taylor and the University’s senior leadership on attaining institutional priorities and goals.

Membership & Reporting: Members are appointed by the President; chair is Executive Director of Planning and Assessment; charge to Committee given by President; recommendations from Committee presented to President.

Members of the council will provide updates on a monthly basis as part of the alternating Monday meetings with the President.

Three groups comprising the council include:

  • Vice President’s and Execs
  • Vice President’s and Deans
  • Vice President’s and Administrators
The full council will meet twice a year during the long semesters (April and November) to review accomplishments in the strategic plan.


Theresa Hefner-Babb, (Exec. Director, Planning and Assessment), Chair Ex Officio
Mark Robinson (Chief Financial Officer) Ex Officio
Patrick Stewart ( Chief Information Management ) Ex Officio
Freddy Titus (VP, Global Diversity, Inclusion, and Intercultural Affairs) Ex Officio
Jeff O'Mally (Athletic Director) Ex Officio
Katrina Brent (Assistant Provost, Enrollment Management) Ex Officio
Samuel Jator (Sr. Associate Provost) Ex Officio
Brett Welch (Vice Provost, Digital Learning; Dean, Graduate Studies) Ex Officio
Rene Latiolais (Director of Marketing) Ex Officio
Hector Flores (Chief of Police) Ex Officio
Jamie Larson (AVP, Finance) Ex Officio
Jerry Lin (Associate Provost, ORSP) Ex Officio
David Martin (AVP, Facilities) Ex Officio
Vicki McNeil (VP, Student Engagement) Ex Officio
Katherine Miller (AVP, Planning & Construction) Ex Officio
Dann Brown (Provost & VP, Academic Affairs) Ex Officio
Marsha Worthy (Assistant VP, Human Resources & Talent Management Ex Officio
Bert Wagner (Executive Director, Campus Operations) Ex Officio
Juan Zabala (VP, Advancement) Ex Officio
Brian Craig (Dean, Engineering) Ex Officio
Dan French (Dean, Business) Ex Officio
Golden Wright (Interim Dean, Fine Arts & Communication) Ex Officio
Lynn Maurer (Dean, Arts & Science/Acting Associate Provost) Ex Officio
Robert Spina (Dean, Education & Human Development) Ex Officio
Cristian Bahrim (Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences) Ex Officio
Tracy Benson (Faculty, College of Engineering) Ex Officio
Ricardo Colon (Faculty, College of Business) Ex Officio
Ashley Dockens (Faculty, College of Fine Arts & Communication) Ex Officio
Johnny O'Connor (Faculty, College of Education & Human Development) Ex Officio
Margo Mymer (President, Staff Council) Ex Officio
Cheng-Hsien Lin (President, Faculty Senate) Ex Officio
Tom Sowers (CID) Ex Officio
Jonah Smith (President, SGA) Ex Officio
Tilisa Thibodeaux (Dean, Texas Academy TALH and Reaud Honors College) Ex Officio

List revised 01-20-2022


  • The Office of Planning & Assessment will be responsible for:
  • Creating and maintaining the Strategic Plan project in WeaveEducation
  • Reporting and monitoring the status of the strategic plan
  • Convening the Strategic Plan Advisory Council twice a year
  • Providing an evidence report card to the President and the University Community in June of each year

Approved unanimously by the President, Vice-Presidents and Administrators on May 13, 2019.