Records Management Committee

Charge: The Records Management Committee shall advise the university records manager/archivist and the president on the inventory, retention, and disposal of university records, open and confidential records, and vital records. In addition, the committee shall assist the manager with state records laws, the management of university forms, and related matters. Membership shall include the associate vice president for finance, the director of enterprise applications, the registrar, the president of the Faculty Senate (or representative), and representatives from enterprise systems and records. The university records manager and the university risk manager shall serve as members, and the records manager/archivist shall serve as chair. Members shall be appointed by the president.

Membership & Reporting: appointment of members & chair by President; charge to Committee given by President; recommendations from Committee presented to President.

Committee Members

Penny Clark (Records Manager & University Archivist), Chair Ex Officio
William G. Rash (Director, EHS & Risk Management-Chair) Ex Officio
Jamie Larson (Assoc. VP, Finance) Ex Officio
Shellie Richter (Director, Enterprise Applications & Integration) Ex Officio
David Short (Registrar) Ex Officio
Patrick Stewart (Enterprise Systems) Ex Officio
Barbara Price (Records) FALL 2015-SUM 2018
Sarah Tusa (Faculty Senate representative) FALL 2016-SUM 2017