Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Implementation Committee


Charge: This committee is charged with providing institutional support for the implementation of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) to satisfy Standard 7.3 for regional accreditation. To that end, the QEP Director has disbanded the previously formed Steering Committee and instead constituted a Leadership Committee and five supporting sub-committees from a broad range of constituencies across campus. These sub-committees address:

  • Assessment
  • Marketing and Outreach
  • Student Advising
  • Faculty and Student Support
  • QEP Report Writing

 The Leadership Committee, with the support of these working sub-committees, oversees all aspects of the QEP by assisting the Director and providing leadership and guidance for: 

  • modifying the QEP as necessary and tracking changes,
  • assessing QEP goals and student success outcomes,
  • marketing the QEP and changing the culture and attitudes towards mathematics on campus,
  • advising students to enter math pathways recommended by the QEP,
  • providing support for students and faculty in their learning and teaching environments, and
  • writing the QEP Impact Report.

Membership & Reporting:The Leadership Committee and these sub-committees will comprise faculty and staff from a broad range of constituencies across campus. Representation will include authorities in Lamar University leadership, planning and assessment, teaching and learning, marketing, advising, and writing. The QEP Director will be responsible for writing and publishing QEP Progress Reports monthly at the QEP web site to summarize the ongoing activities of all QEP Committees. In addition, the Director will produce and publish Annual QEP Comprehensive Reports at the QEP web site.

Leadership Committee Members

Samuel Jator (Sr. Associate Provost, Chair) Ex Officio
Daniel Brown (Provost & VP for Academic Affairs Ex Officio
Theresa Hefner-Babb (Asst. Provost Accreditation & Assessment/SACS Liaison) Ex Officio
Jarrod Rossi (Director University Assessment)
Jackie Jensen-Vallin (Arts & Sciences)
Jeremy Alm (Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences)
Ms. Casey Ford (Writing Center Director)
Kye Kang (QEP Director)