April 19, 2017

Tuesday, 04/18/2017
Carl Parker Conference Room 101
Submitted By:
Rachel Smith

LU CARE Team Meeting Minutes


Date: 4/19/17                                                                          Meeting Called to order by: Dr. Terry Mena         

Location: Carl Parker 101 Conference Room                               Time: 3:06 pm


Members in attendance:

Terry Mena                                                   Shawn Gray

Jeff Bell                                                        Yinka Jenmy

Brenda Dixon                                                Jeff Palis

Adrienne Blackwell-Starnes                            Rachel Smith

Melinda Finkle                                               John Armstead

Kyle Smith


Agenda of Students:

Students of Concern - 16

Title IX - 2

Deceased - 0

LIT – 0


 Meeting topics:




Meeting Adjourned at: 4:09 pm


Minutes Compiled by: Rachel Smith, Administrative Associate Sr.