Long Range Planning Committee

Charge: The Long Range Planning Committee shall advise the president in the formulation and review of long range and strategic plans for the university. Members of the Executive Council and the director of facilities along with a faculty representative from each college, deans, associate provosts/vice presidents, and representatives from athletics, the library, the Faculty Senate, Council of Instructional Departments, Staff Council, and the Student Government Association shall serve on the committee, which shall be chaired by the executive director of planning and assessment.  The president of the Council of Instructional Departments, the president of the Faculty Senate, and the president of the Student Government Association meet individually with the provost and president.

Membership & Reporting: Members are appointed by the President; chair is Executive Director of Planning and Assessment; charge to Committee given by President; recommendations from Committee presented to President.

Committee Members

Theresa Hefner-Babb, (Exec. Director, Planning and Assessment), Chair Ex Officio
Marco Born (Athletic Director) Ex Officio
John Bello-Ogunu (VP, Global Diversity, Inclusion, and Intercultural Affairs) Ex Officio
Paul Bernazzani (Interim Dean, Arts & Sciences) Ex Officio
Diann Brodnax (President, Staff Council) Ex Offico
Kevin Dodson (Dean, Reaud Honors College) Ex Officio
Bill Harn (Dean of Graduate Studies) Ex Officio
Derina Holtzhausen (Dean, Fine Arts & Communication) Ex Officio
James Marquart (Provost & VP, Academic Affairs) Ex Officio
David Martin (Acting AVP, Facilities) Ex Officio
Vicki McNeil (VP, Student Engagement) Ex Officio
Craig Ness (Vice President, Finance & Operations) Ex Officio
Brenda Nichols (Vice Provost, Digital Learning) Ex Officio
Joe Nordgren (Acting Associate Provost) Ex Officio
Srinivas Palanki (Dean, Engineering) Ex Officio
Priscilla Parsons (Vice President, IT) Ex Officio
Robert Spina (Dean, Education & Human Development) Ex Officio
Sarah Tusa (Interim Director, Library) Ex Officio
Henry Venta (Dean, Business) Ex Officio
Juan Zabala (VP, Advancement) Ex Officio