Judge Joe J. Fisher Distinguished Lecture Series Committee

Charge: The Judge Joe J. Fisher Lecture Series Committee shall coordinate arrangements for the Fisher Lecture, Lamar’s most prestigious lecture series. The committee shall consist of an appointed faculty member from each college (two from Arts and Sciences, one from the liberal arts and one from the sciences) and the library, plus the Student Government Association president and a representative from the Deans’ Council, Council of Instructional Departments and Faculty Senate. The acting associate provost, a representative of Judge Fisher’s family, and representatives from university advancement, marketing, and public relations shall serve as ex officio members. 

Membership & Reporting: The Organizational Chair is out of the Office of the Provost, and a committee Co-chair shall be elected from and by the members. Members are appointed by the President. Called as endowment funds permit.

Committee Members

Dann Brown (Associate Provost, Academic & Faculty Affairs), Chair Ex Officio
Ashley Dockens (Faculty Senate), Co-Chair FALL 2020-SUM 2023
Kate Downing (Exec. Director, Marketing Communications) Ex Officio
Dean Terrebonne (Chief of Staff) Ex Officio
Buddy Low (Representative of Fisher Family) Ex Officio
Grayson Meek (Director, University Event Center) Ex Officio
Juan Zabala (VP, University Advancement) Ex Officio
Sujing Wang (Arts & Sciences) FALL 2021-SUM 2024
Ashwini Kucknoor (Arts & Sciences) FALL 2021-SUM 2024
Marleen Swerdlow (Business) FALL 2021-SUM 2024
Heather Reading (Fine Arts & Communication) FALL 2020-SUM 2023
Robert Spina (Deans' Council) FALL 2020-SUM 2023
Freddie Titus (Education and Human Development) FALL 2020-SUM 2023
Rebecca Boone (CID Representative) FALL 2022-SUM 2023
Berna Tokgoz (Engineering) FALL 2019-SUM 2022
Trina Nolen (Library) FALL 2019-SUM 2022
Jonah Smith (President, SGA) FALL 2023-SPR 2024
Shelly Vitanza (Director, Public Affairs) Ex Officio