Institutional Patent Committee

Membership & Reporting: appointment of members by President; AVP-Research chairs the Committee; charge to Committee given by President; recommendations from Committee presented to President.

Committee Members

Kumer Das (Interim AVP, Research & Sponsored Programs), Chair Ex Officio
Bill Harn (Dean, Graduate College) Ex Officio
Jim Marquart (Provost) Ex Officio
Craig Ness (VP, Finance & Operations) Ex Officio
Bogdana Bahrim (Arts & Sciences) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
James Henry (Engineering) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Helen Lou (Engineering) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Jiangjiang "Jane" Liu (Arts & Sciences) FALL 2917-SUM 2020
Jim Jordan (Arts & Sciences) FALL 2013-SUM 2016