November 29, 2023

Wednesday, 11/29/2023
Reaud Honors College
Submitted By:
Tilisa Thibodeaux

Description of RHC Plans for Fall 2024 / Open for Comment by University Honors Council

  1. New Initiative: Honors Colloquium Experience – First Year Experience
    (Beginning Fall 2024)

    The Honors Colloquium is a two-semester sequence designed to stimulate
    intellectual curiosity and introduce students to a variety of modes of inquiry and expression. The colloquium represents the intellectual shift required to move successfully from high school to college. Through discussions, lectures, readings, and film screenings it will provide a space to recognize and question assumptions, to challenge critical thinking skills, to closely examine new and different ideas, and to develop one’s own way of seeing the world. To create such an experience, it is vital that this colloquium is not directly connected to one specific major or career focus.
  2. New Initiative: Honors Certificates
    (First certificate beginning Fall 2024)

    A certificate in honors is a focused, structured and interrelated set of courses that enhances one’s undergraduate experience in an emerging academic area, addresses a professional need, or allows for a deeper dive into a specific area of interest. Certificates may complement an existing major or concentration or may represent an entirely distinct area of interest. Certificates differ from majors or minors in that they may pull courses together from a variety of disciplines to form a coherent theme or it may offer classes that all focus on a specific academic or technical field. These programs range from 12-18 credits and are an excellent option for those who wish to pursue a shorter course of study during their formal education program.

  3. Discussion: Honors Core Curriculum
    (First course beginning Fall 2024)

    The Honors Core Curriculum is a unique core curriculum comprised of a set of interdisciplinary courses that will provide for a more challenging academic experience for all Presidential Scholars, Reaud Leadership Fellows, Texas Academy students, and interested honors students. The Honors Core Curriculum will consist of courses that satisfy the requirements of the Texas Core Curriculum. As such, those who are a part of the Honors Core Curriculum will fall under Texas Education Code Section 61.822(d) and Coordinating Board rule 4.28(e) that state, “a student will receive academic credit within the core curriculum of the receiving institution for each of the courses that the student has successfully completed in the core curriculum of the sending institution.”

  4. Discussion: Honors Faculty of the Year
    (Beginning Fall 2024)

    The Reaud Honors College Honors Faculty of Distinction is an accolade that recognizes instructional faculty in any school or discipline that demonstrates excellence in honors education. The recipients of this accolade are educational innovators who adhere to an informed, student-centric pedagogical approach and whose commitment and performance not only teach but inspire honors students during their academic journey. To apply for this honor, faculty should develop an application packet that includes the following:
  • Completed application
  • Teaching philosophy (500 words or less)
  • Two letters of support from current students or recent graduates
  • Demonstration of excellence in multiple sections of the application