April 15, 2023

Saturday, 04/15/2023
Submitted By:
Tilisa Thibodeaux

Desciption of Program / Open for Comment by University Honors Council

Minor in Honors Studies

  • Presidential Scholars + SETX Legends + some Cardinal Elites will be invited to apply
  • A small cohort of 20 per year will be inducted as Reaud Scholars
  • Minor will be inclusive of all majors
  • Reaud Leadership Institute will be for Reaud Scholars only
  • Courses will be taken as students can fit them into their schedule

The Minor in Honors Studies Program at Lamar University offers a creative and advanced interdisciplinary learning experience that is complementary to several majors at Lamar University with special emphasis, but not limited to, majors such as political science, sociology, and criminal justice, etc. The minor curriculum offers honors only sections with additional topics, seminars, contracts, and petitions allowing students to differentiate coursework needed to graduate with a minor in addition to a student’s major program. Courses will offer “deeper thinking” discussions, critical and analytic problem-solving, and exploration of innovative ideas. The minor program will culminate into a creative senior capstone project which may count as a High Impact Educational Practice (HIEP). All Presidential Scholars/Reaud Honors Scholars in the Honors Minor will participate in the Reaud Leadership Institute and graduate as a Reaud Honors College graduate.

19-hour Honors Minor + Reaud Leadership Institute

Reaud Leadership Institute

The Reaud Leadership Institute will support the mission of the Honors Minor program by engaging students in Leadership, Research and Scholarship, Stepping Up Civic Service opportunities, and involvement in the Alumni Mentor Program (AMP) hosted by the Reaud Honors College. The Reaud Leadership Institute will provide additional seminars and topics that offer an intense review of contemporary topics, global issues, current policy, and leadership opportunities. Research and Scholarship opportunities will be available through participation in Model United Nations, the Office of Undergraduate Research, and other creative projects, specific to student majors. The Stepping Up Civic Leadership Program will offer participants of the Reaud Leadership Institute an opportunity to serve on local boards and be of volunteer service to the community. All Alumni of the Minor in Honors Studies program will have the opportunity to mentor Honors students, engaging in network opportunities and job preparation for Honors scholars. All Presidential Scholars in the Honors Minor Program will participate in the Reaud Leadership Institute.