October 26, 2020

Monday, 10/26/2020
Hosted by Reaud Honors College/Rebecca Boone; met virtually via Teams
Submitted By:
Kim Vizena

Ms. Meghan Rapp (Reaud Honors College); Dr. Cristian Bahrim, Dr. Rebecca Boone, Dr. Raymond Doe, Dr. Edythe Kirk, Dr. Ashwini Kucknoor (College of Arts & Sciences); Ms. Clare Burns, Dr. Kathy Fraccastoro (College of Business); Dr. Cristina Rios (College of Education & Human Development); Dr. Kendrick Aung (College of Engineering); Dr. Stephanie Chadwick (College of Fine Arts & Communication); and Mr. Michael Saar (Mary & John Gray Library).

Ms. Kim Vizena, Mr. Andrew Strange (Reaud Honors College); Dr. Ana Christensen, Dr. Timothy Dueppen (College of Fine Arts & Communication).

Agenda Items

1.    Introduction by Dr. Rebecca Boone, who led the meeting since the Reaud Honors College is currently waiting on its incoming dean.  

2.    Reviewed the Fall 2020 Semester Highlights, to date, prepared by the Reaud Honors College staff.

3.    Honors Council acknowledged that the college is operating without a dean and within budget constraints, and that the ability of staff members to make major changes is limited until that leadership position is filled.

4.    Dr. Rebecca Boone encouraged a conversation among Council members to recommend goals for the Reaud Honors College. The goals discussed during the meeting:

                     i.        Begin revision of Honors Experience Guidebook (Requires vision of the incoming dean for structural changes; Completion expected May 2022).

                    ii.        Delineate the merging of Honors College and TALH in terms of leadership and organization (TBD; Requires guidance from the incoming dean).

                  iii.        Have plans for substitutions/exceptions for graduation requirements due to COVID-19.

a.    Status: Completed

b.    Honors Experiences: No exceptions/substitutions needed, as students have plenty of opportunities to fulfill this requirement.

c.    HIEP: No exceptions/substitutions needed, as students have various opportunities to fulfill HIEP, which include:

1.    Stepping Up Civic Leadership (administered by RHC)

2.    Undergraduate Research

3.    Internships and Co-Op Programs

a.    Meghan Rapp has met with RHC alumnus Dr. Lindsey Minter to discuss the possibility of continuing/expanding RHC’s Cancer Experiential Learning program for Spring 2021; waiting on Dr. Minter’s proposal.

4.    Served as executive officer (president, vice president, secretary/treasurer) in any student organization.

5.    Tentative: Study Abroad for Summer 2021*

6.    Tentative: Partners in the Parks announcement due this winter*

*        If Study Abroad or Partners in the Parks prepare alternative programming, should the tentative plans not proceed, RHC is happy to promote with the Honors community.

*        Honors Art Discussion travel alternative proposed by Dr. Stephanie Chadwick. Organize a cultural outdoor outing exploring Lamar’s Public Art Program to fit HIEP. RHC invited Dr. Chadwick to meet with staff to discuss further at a later date.

d.    Move Orientation to the Spring 2021 semester (In progress)

*    Orientation will also clarify the earlier-mentioned options students have to fulfill HIEP beyond Study Abroad/Partners in the Parks should those programs not proceed in 2021.

e.    Continue connecting Reaud Honors College to other in-house programs, such as SURF (In progress)

f.     Encourage Honors Student Association to develop conversations related to diversity and culture during the Spring 2021 semester (In progress)