September 24, 2018

Monday, 09/24/2018
Reaud Honors College Conference Room 111
Submitted By:
Kim Vizena

HONORS COUNCIL MINUTES:   September 24, 2018


PRESENT:  Kevin Dodson, Andrew Strange, Rebekah Maxwell, Kyungsik Irene Shim, Larry Allen, Rebecca Boone, Clare Burns, Raymond Doe, Kathy Fraccastoro, Gina Hale, Xenia Federchenko, Andrea Karlin, and Tilisa Thibodeaux.


Meeting was called to order at 3:30pm by Dr. Kevin Dodson.





Dr. Dodson reported that the Honors College now employees 7 student assistants.


We are going to start offering an online seminar (HNRS-3161) every spring.  Spring 2019 the online seminar will be Social Media Presence.





April 9, 2018 minutes were reviewed and upon motion by Kathy Fraccastoro, seconded by Clare Burns, the minutes were approved.


Tilisa Thibodeaux reported that 46 freshmen have already developed links for the ePortfolios.  The ePortfolio committee is going to look into how to make this a capstone project.


We need volunteers for Summer Reading Clubs.






The Honors College will be holding Scholars and Professional Development Workshops which include Conference 101 in October and Brandan Still is coming to talk to the students in November.


Pending Disciplinary Action is coming up in October.


Scholars Day is scheduled for Saturday, October 20th.






Meeting adjourned at 4:15pm. 

Submitted by:  Kim Vizena, Executive Assistant