Honors Council

Charge: The Honors Council shall advise the provost on policies, procedures, courses, and curricula related to programs offered through the Reaud Honors College. The dean of the Reaud Honors College shall serve on and chair the council. Two faculty members shall be elected from and by the full-time faculty in each college and the library (four from Arts and Sciences). A representative from the CID, the director of undergraduate research, the director of the study abroad program, and the assistant director of the Reaud Honors College also shall serve on the council.

Membership & Reporting: Faculty Senators/Deans conduct elections for faculty members; Director of Honors Program chairs the council; charge to Committee given by Provost; recommendations from Committee presented to Provost (membership=2 from each college, 4 from Arts & Sciences, 1 from Library & CID).

Committee Members

Kevin Dodson (Dean, Reaud Honors College), Chair Ex Officio
Kumer Das (Director, Undergraduate Research) Ex Officio
Rebekah Maxwell (Coordinator, Honors Program) Ex Officio
Kyungsik Irene Shim (Director, Int'l Recruitment & Study Abroad) Ex Officio
Larry Allen (CID Representative) FALL 2018-SUM 2021
Rebecca Boone (Arts & Sciences - Liberal Arts) FALL 2018-SUM 2021
Claire Burns (Business) FALL 2018-SUM 2021
Ana Christensen (Arts & Sciences) FALL 2018-SUM 2021
Raymond Doe (Arts & Sciences - Sciences) FALL 2018-SUM 2021
Kathy Fraccastoro (Business) FALL 2018-SUM 2021
Gina Hale (Arts & Sciences - Sciences) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Xianchang Li (Engineering) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Nicki Michalski (Fine Arts & Communication) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Xenia Federchenko (Fine Arts & Communication) FALL 2016-SUM 2019
Andrea Karlin (Education & Human Development) FALL 2016-SUM 2019
Michael Saar (Library) FALL 2016-SUM 2019
Tilisa Thibodeaux (Education & Human Development) FALL 2015-SUM 2018