January 20, 2016

Wednesday, 01/20/2016
Wimberly Building
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Lynlie Jones


January 20, 2016


The Graduate Council of Lamar University met in Room 219, Wimberly Bldg., at 1:30 p.m. 

Dr. William Harn, Dean of Graduate Studies, presided.  Dr. Dorothy Sisk, Dr. Jimmy Moss, Dr. Maurice (Nick) Rissman, Dr. Ashwini Kucknoor, and Dr. Max Loges attended.  Also present was Dr. Gisele Moss, Dr. Ricardo Colon, Dr. Clare Burns, and Carmen Breaux, Coordinator of Graduate Studies.


Minutes of the November 18, 2015 (#420) meeting were reviewed by the Graduate Council.  Dr. Rissman motioned to approve the document with changes, Dr. Moss seconded the motion, and the Council unanimously approved.


Proposals College of Business-Accounting Department

Dr. Gisele Moss presented a proposal to change the Master of Science in accounting degree plan to include new course addition electives.  The additions will allow the student to have an opportunity to select a field of specialization in accounting.   The course additions include ACCT 5175-01 (Professional Accountancy Capstone), ACCT 5325-01 (Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting Principles), ACCT 5335-01(Partnership Taxation), and ACCT 5345-01(Oil & Gas Accounting).   Graduate Council reviewed the proposal to change the MSA degree plan and the course additions; Dr. Sisk motioned to approve, Dr. Rissman seconded the motion, and the Council unanimously approved.

Dr. Ricardo Colon presented a proposal for a new Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting from the Department of Accounting & Business Law.  The certification degree plan will include:  ACCT 5310 (Financial Accounting/Tax Research and Procedures), ACCT 5350 (Entity Tax), BULW 5340 (Business Ethics), ACCT 5320 (Regulation and Professionalism), and an approved Graduate Accounting Elective.  Students must meet the pre-requisite requirements to be initially accepted into the MSA program.  Graduate Council reviewed the new proposal and Dr. Sisk motioned to approve with revisions to the wording in the proposal, Dr. Rissman seconded the motion, and the Council unanimously approved.

Course Addition/College of Engineering Mechanical

Course addition MEEN 5333-(Tribology) was submitted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering to the Graduate Council.  Graduate Council reviewed the documentation submitted by the Mechanical department.  Dr. Rissman motioned to approve, Dr. Sisk seconded the motion, and the Council unanimously approved.



The next meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. in the Wimberly Bldg., Room 219.