November 18, 2015

Wednesday, 11/18/2015
Wimberly Building
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Lynlie Jones


November 18, 2015


The Graduate Council of Lamar University met in Room 219, Wimberly Bldg., at 1:30 p.m. 

Dr. William Harn, Dean of Graduate Studies, presided.  Dr. Dorothy Sisk, Dr. Jimmy Moss, Dr. Maurice (Nick) Rissman, Dr. Ashwini Kucknoor, and Dr. Jeffrey Forret attended.  Also present was Dr. James Sanderson, and Carmen Breaux, Coordinator of Graduate Studies.


Minutes of the October 21, 2015 (#419) meeting were reviewed by the Graduate Council and suggested minor changes to the document to include more detail.  Dr. Sisk motioned to approve the document with changes, Dr. Rissman seconded the motion, and the Council unanimously approved.


Proposal College of Arts & Sciences-English Department

Dr. James Sanderson presented a proposal to add a Masters of Arts degree in English that would contain an option to include the teacher certification courses in the program. The program will consist of 48 hours to complete.  Dr. Sanderson explained that there is currently a demand for teachers who are highly qualified in a subject who have a Master’s degree.   Dr. Sisk motioned to approve, Dr. Rissman seconded the motion, and the Council unanimously approved.

Course Additions/College of Arts & Sciences Computer Science

Course additions CPSC 5326-Android Programming was submitted by the Department

of Computer Science to the Graduate Council.  This is an elective course and no pre-requisite is required.  Dr. Sisk motioned to approve, Dr. Moss seconded the motion, and the Council unanimously approved.

Course Addition/College of Engineering Civil

Course addition CVEN 5367-Travel Demand Analysis was submitted by the Department of Civil Engineering to the Graduate Council.  There were some concerns about the syllabus by the Council and suggestions were made for improvement in clarification.  Communication to the Professor was made to initiate the changes.  Dr. Forret motioned to approve with suggested changes to the syllabus, Dr. Sisk seconded the motion, and the Council unanimously approved.

Fall 2015 Review of Applications for Graduate Faculty Membership

The following applicants were recommended to the Graduate Council by the Graduate Faculty Review Committee. Dr. Rissman motioned to approve, Dr. Sisk seconded the motion, and the Council unanimously approved.

College of Arts and Sciences

Anderson, Sara
Bae, Mihae
Butcher, Jennifer
Castillon, Catalina
Chandrasekaran, P.
Chen, Jau-Jiin
Chiou, Paul
Cochran,  Glynda L.
Craven, Gerald
Creel, Jimmy R.
Curl, Eileen
Dahm, Molly J.
Daniel, Bobby Dale
Daniel, Jennifer
De La Madrid, Rafael
Deachenberg, James L.
Doe, Raymond
Doerschuk, Peggy
Doiron, Jesse
Fussell, Cindy
Garcia, Jesus A.
Hatfield, Elia
Holmes, William
Hudak, Dawn Marie
Johnson, Gretchen
Karlin, Andrea
Killough, Jill
Kirk, Edythe
Knight, Stacey
Kucknoor, Ashwini
Lei, Xiangyang
Liu, Jiangjiang
Loges, Max
Long, Elizabeth M.
Lopez, Belinda J.
Martin, Christopher
Mixon, Jason
Moore, Mary Jane
Morales, Julio
Msengi, Israel
Nguyen, Thi Thuy Minh
Owen, Cissie J.
Pannu,  Jasdeep
Pipkins, Cynthia M.
Prochenko, Yulia
Rinker, Martha
Rios, Cristina
Roden, Timothy E.
Shelton, Jeremy
Sheperis, Donna S.
Shows, Amy
Smith, Amy C.
Sun, Bo
Tchernookov, Martin
Terry, Randall
Thompson, J.L.
Thompson, Bob
Troxclair, Debra
Vanderleeuw, Jim
Villate, Vanessa
Wang,  Sujing
Wei , Suying
Whitaker,  Rachael
Wright, Stuart
Young, J. Kenneth
Zhang, Jing

College of Business

Badua, Frank
Bandyopadhyay, S.
Barnes, Cynthia
Cavaliere, Frank
Chen, Chunda
Choi, Jai-Young
Colon, Ricardo
Dyson, Jeff
Ghosh, Kau
Karani, Komal
Neuhauser, Karyn L.
Rose, David
Safa, Mahdi
Swerdlow, Marlene
Venta, Enrique
Zhao, Yu

College of Education and Human Development

Aissen, Kelly
Balkin,  Richard S.
Becerra, Sarah
Belaire, Christine
Brooks, Susanna Capri
Brown, La Vera
Burck, Andrew M.
Bussey, Lauren
Davis, Randy J.
Delahousse, Katy Leigh
Greenidge, Wendy
Hepburn, Lori
Holdiness, Sacky H.
Holland,  Deidre
Izzard, Lakleishia
Jones, Kathryn
Killam, Wendy
Kilgo, Jay
Latimer, Robin M.
McGee, Monalisa
Moore, Alan
Perera-Ditz, Dilani M.
Powers, Yurandol O.
Sadik, Suhad
Saltsman, George
Snook, Joy-Del T.
Sprott, Katherine
Wagener, Alwin E. IV
White, Porchanee' A.
Wilson, Tiffany
Wines, Lisa A.

College of Engineering

Beheshti, Ali
Benson, Tracy
Cai, Tianxing
Gomes, Jewel Andrew
Gossage, John
Jao, Mien
Sima, Mohammad
Su, Dan
Xiang, Yisha
Xu, Yao
Yao, Chun-Wei
Zargarzadeh, Hassan
Zhao, Renzun
Zhou, Jenny

College of Fine Arts and Communication

Clark, Diane M.
Deppe, Scott
Dockins, Ashley L.
Gentry, Mary Anne
Greschner, Debra
Harn, Monica
Hartwell, Jamie
Manchaiah, Vinaya
Meline, Timothy
Shook, Brian A.


The next meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. in the Wimberly Bldg., Room 219D.